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Untreated Winter Road Accident Claims and Compensation

An untreated winter road can be extremely hazardous for the road user. During harsh winters, snow and ice can make driving conditions difficult and increase the chances of a motoring accident, leading to a personal injury. At Asons Solicitors, we can assign you an untreated winter road accident claims solicitor to take care of your claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

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Have you had a Road Traffic Accident on Ice?

It is the duty of your local authority to keep primary road routes roadworthy and of the Highways Agency to take care of motorways. Both these organisations must clear roads of snow and ice, most commonly through the laying of grit to prevent winter weather from settling. Sadly, there are instances when the roads are not properly gritted, making driving conditions dangerous for the road user. Even salted roads can become subject to black ice if rain falls during sub zero conditions, causing them to become a danger.

Untreated Winter Road Ice Case Study

In December of 2009, a coach in Cornwall slid on an icy and untreated road before careering into a tree and through a hedge. The coach then flipped onto its side, causing the deaths of two people and injuries to another 47. A police car attending the scene also skidded on the ice and then hit the coach. It emerged that Cornwall County Council had only gritted 20% of its road network before the crash. Untreated winter road accidents do happen and those responsible for their prevention can be held to account.

The highly skilled personal injury solicitors at Asons deal with car accident on ice claims on a daily basis. We commit our time and knowledge to provide you with the untreated winter road accident advice that you require and try to win the full compensation amount as swiftly as possible. Asons Solicitors can represent you on a ‘no win, no fee‘ basis.

To get started, you can fill in a callback form, give us a call on 01204 896848, or begin an enquiry with us via the “Any questions…?” box to the bottom of this page and chat to an online advisor.

How Do I Know I Can Make a Claim for an Untreated Winter Road Accident?

The AA has previously confirmed that the amount of road which each authority might have gritted can be a postcode lottery. 40% or less of a road network might be covered in each case, with some roads a priority over others. Council websites are supposed to be updated with information on which roads are to be gritted so that drivers can be aware of which routes are the safest. Even armed with such information, accidents do happen and the weather is an uncontrollable factor that can change swiftly, causing mayhem.

A local authority could be claimed against if you are injured in an untreated winter road accident and the police attend the scene, if the road is a primary route and if you were not at fault through speeding or careless driving. If this happens to you, have a qualified medical practitioner examine you to note down any injuries. Your car insurance provider might suggest that they send you to their own preferred doctor for an examination, but insurance companies do this to try to keep settlement amounts to a minimum and finalise claims swiftly. It would be wise to appoint a solicitor for this purpose. Your own lawyer will apply for a higher amount of damages.

Asons Solicitors would arrange for you to see a private doctor who specialises in examining road traffic injuries. This can then help your untreated winter road accident solicitor calculate how much compensation you should claim for. A settlement may also include financial loss due to work absences, trips to hospital or physiotherapy appointments.

To comply with the law, contact Asons to start your claim within three years of the winter road traffic accident taking place. A confidential discussion with Asons Solicitors could be just the lifeline you need.

Our Untreated Winter Roads Accident Claims Experience

Our professional personal injury claim solicitors have years of experience in pursuing untreated winter road claims for RTA victims. It’s our mission to be support you and build a winning case that compensates you for your injuries, which may have been avoided if only the Highways Agency or the local council had thoroughly treated the winter roads. Our legal professionals will guide you and pursue your claim thoroughly. Asons’ solicitors have been involved in cases concerning untreated winter roads, and they always study on the vital details from the beginning of a claim, leading to the best available outcome for your claim for untreated winter road compensation.

Start your Car Accident On Ice Compensation Claim, No Win No Fee, Today.

Are you concerned about costs that might be charged to yourself with a personal injury case related to an untreated winter road accident? Asons Solicitors can take a claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, which means you won’t have to pay any money if the case were to fail. We know how to simplify what must seem to be a complex situation and help you to reach a fair legal conclusion. Be decisive and contact us to begin your claim soon after the untreated road crash. There is a legal time limit in place of three years for making such compensation claims.

Your Next Step

We deal with personal injury claims of this kind on a daily basis. If you have suffered an untreated winter road accident as a result of an improper road salting, you may be eligible to pursue a claim. Our team will work diligently to gather all the evidence and documents you need, communicate with all the parties involved and substantiate your claim for untreated winter road compensation.

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