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Hard Shoulder Accident Claims and Compensation

The hard shoulder, the roughly surfaced, refuge lane to the left of motorway lanes, is a part of the motorway on which it’s hoped that a driver can safely pull over. Somewhere to stop a vehicle in an emergency, when you have run out of fuel or suffered a mechanical breakdown. But there are rare occasions when the hard shoulder isn’t so safe. No matter how careful you are, there is always the risk that another driver might be distracted, or careless, and make a mistake that affects you. A driver might come into the hard shoulder and collide with your vehicle. If you are still in the vehicle or close to it, you may have been injured as a result. At Asons Solicitors, we can assign you a hard shoulder accident claims solicitor to take care of the legal element of your personal injury on a ‘no win, no fee‘ basis, the legal term for which is a conditional fee agreement.

Speak to one of our experienced compensation claims advisors free of charge today on 01204 521133 or on live chat for a consultation. Alternatively, you can fill in one of our claims forms or use our Compensation Calculator, and we’ll call you back.

Have you had an Accident while parked on a Hard Shoulder?

Hard shoulder accidents are more common than you might think, and certainly as dangerous, if not more so, than other types of road collision. Motorways have a high volume of traffic, most of which is moving at great speed. Vehicles can also enter or exit the hard shoulder at speed, and for a variety of reasons. If these speeding vehicles strike a stationary vehicle, the impact can be devastating.

Emergency vehicles often use the hard shoulder to bypass congestion or attend a vehicle on the hard shoulder. There are even instances of impatient drivers entering the hard shoulder in order to jump heavy traffic, or drivers pull onto the hard shoulder to take a phone call, to sleep or to eat. In 2005 the Highways Agency revealed that 127 accidents involved a car parked on, entering or exiting the hard shoulder and that 31% of these led to a serious or fatal injury.

The injuries that might be sustained could include whiplash if you were still in your vehicle, being struck while entering or exiting the vehicle or a situation as serious as being crushed between the two vehicles while retrieving items from the boot, such as a high-visibility vest.

The professional personal injury solicitors at Asons deal with motor-related accident claims on a daily basis. We dedicate our time and expertise to provide you with the hard shoulder accident claim advice that you need and win the maximum compensation as swiftly as possible. Asons Solicitors can represent you on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Start an enquiry with us via the “Hello can I help?” box to the bottom of this page and discuss your claim online with our advisor.

How Do I Know I Can Make a Claim for a Hard Shoulder Accident?

If this has happened to you, the first step would be to record the details of your injuries with a medical professional, such as your GP or hospital staff, while they examine your hard shoulder accident injuries. Your car insurance provider may prefer to send you to a doctor for an examination, however insurance companies prefer to try to keep settlement amounts to a minimum and finalise claims swiftly among each other. It would be more prudent of you to appoint a solicitor for this purpose. Asons Solicitors would send you to see a private doctor who is a specialist in injury examinations. This can then help your hard shoulder accident solicitor to calculate how much compensation you should claim for.

To comply with the law, a claim should be made within three years of the road traffic accident taking place. The easiest way to find out if you can make a hard shoulder accident claim is to contact Asons Solicitors for a free and confidential chat.

Our Hard Shoulder Accident Claims Experience

Our professional claim solicitors are highly experienced in pursuing whiplash claims for victims. It’s our objective to help you make a successful claim to compensate you for the pain and suffering that comes from the effects of a car crash that has been caused by a third party. Our experienced solicitors will act on your behalf and investigate the case thoroughly. It is inevitable that our solicitors will have covered cases exactly like yours in the past, and they will be able to focus on the important details from the beginning, ensuring the best possible outcome for your claim for hard shoulder accident compensation.

We know that the effect of an accident on a motorway hard shoulder is not just on your health, but that it will also cause anxiety. Becoming a hard shoulder accident victim can also mean financial difficulty if you are physically unable to work. Asons is a dynamic law firm that is proficient in progressing claims from start to finish.

How Do I Claim?

You may be worried about costs that could be associated with a personal injury case related to a hard shoulder accident. To address this understandable anxiety, Asons guarantee to be clear about the options that are available to you in pursuing a claim. We know how to help you through what must seem to be a complex procedure so that you reach a fair legal outcome. Please remember to be decisive and contact us to start your claim quickly after the hard shoulder accident. There is a legal time frame in place of three years for making such compensation claims.

Your Next Step

We deal with personal injury claims of this kind on a daily basis. If you have suffered a hard shoulder accident as a result of someone else’s poor driving, you may be eligible to pursue a claim. Our team will work together to gather all the necessary evidence and documents, communicate with all the parties involved and substantiate your claim for hard shoulder compensation.

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