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Serious Injury Compensation

Some people require extensive surgery, whilst some will suffer life-long disability. Where the accident is the fault of someone else, you may be eligible to claim compensation for your injuries.

What is a serious injury?

Serious injuries can be caused by a variety of accidents; from slips and trips in the workplace to vehicle collisions. The resulting injuries will vary, but many of the consequences will be the same; there will be a great deal of pain, stress, time off work, probably scarring and continued treatment for a period after the injury.

Compensation alone may never fully make amends for the damage and emotional anguish caused by your accident, but it can go some way to helping you recover; whilst providing for things like treatment and support.

Duty of care

Your injury may be the fault of an individual or an organisation, whether you work for them or not. The law states that people have a basic duty of care to one another, where their actions are not to cause harm to others.

In the workplace, employers have more extensive duties in protecting their personnel which are clearly outlined in a variety of legislative pieces. Where an individual or an employer is found to have been negligent in their duty, they are then liable, and a serious injury claim can be made. Employers have a duty of care to their staff and to members of the public. Legally, they are responsible for minimising workplace risks by as much as is humanly possible, whilst ensuring that any visiting members of the public are kept safe from harm. Where risks are known to exist, health and safety measures must be implemented to prevent these risks from causing injury.

Where serious injuries occur, people need to come forward with their claim so that we can remind these companies of their duty; ensuring that others can be protected from suffering from the same injuries.

Our serious injury claims expertise

Our specialist Serious Injury Solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with claims of this type and so they can consult with you to determine whether or not you have a valid claim. If you do, they can immediately work on documenting all the critical evidence for your case to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

The severity of your injury will largely dictate the amount of compensation that you are awarded. To help determine the value of your claim, we will assess the present impact on your health, as well as any future repercussions. We can then use this information to determine the potential costs of future health care and treatment, any equipment or medication that you may need, as well as accounting for any loss of earnings.

Present consequences and far-reaching effects

Many of the serious injuries we see could have been prevented, if more suitable health and safety practices were in force. If you suffer injury, knowing it could have easily been avoided, you will likely find it frustrating and sad. When faced with long-term consequences, this can manifest as stress and even depression. We appreciate that the consequences of these injuries are more than physical, as financial and psychological issues can also make an already bad situation almost unbearable.

Many individuals find it hard to come forward with a serious injury claim. Some will have no hard feelings against the responsible party, whilst some will write it off as an unavoidable accident. The law protects those who come forward to make a claim and when we pursue your compensation, we claim it from the employer’s insurer, not the employer directly; so even if the responsible business has closed down, we can still trace their insurance policy and make a claim against it.

Where the company still operates, an industrial disease claim can be just the shock they need to re-visit their health and safety procedures. This can help to protect current and future employees so that they can be spared a similar fate.

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We pride ourselves on our provision of first-class legal advice and support. Our team of serious injury specialists have a wealth of expertise and knowledge that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

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