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Child Injury Claims

Many parents struggle to determine whether or not they can make a child injury claim; but the chances are, if your baby or child was injured due to the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation. As a parent or guardian, you ar e entitled to make a claim for your child up until the age of 18; upon reaching 18 your child will have 3 years within which to make a claim for personal injury compensation if you as a parent, have not already done so.

When making a personal injury claim on your child’s behalf, you will be referred to as their ‘litigation friend’. You must be ‘independent’ to undertake this role however. If you were responsible for the accident that caused the injury, i.e. you were driving and you hit another vehicle in the rear and your child sustained injury as a result; you cannot be their ‘litigation friend’. Other family members who were not involved however, can be. So a partner or grandparents could aid them.

How does this happen?

We have dealt with a number of child accident claims and ones we commonly come across are:

  • Accidents abroad
  • Accidents at school, nursery or college
  • Accidents caused by a dangerous product
  • Accidents on holiday
  • Accidents in a public place such as a supermarket or restaurant
  • Amusement park or funfair accidents
  • Lift or escalator accidents
  • Road accidents as a cyclist
  • Road accidents as a passenger
  • Road accidents as a pedestrian
  • Slips, trips or falls

Where the child injury claim pertains to an older child, who is working but is under the age of 18, we can pursue cases where they may have been injured at work. We have also pursued medical negligence cases where babies and children have been injured as a result of poor medical care; such as for Cerebral Palsy claims and medical injury.

Our child injury claims experience

We have a team of knowledgeable Child Injury Solicitors in place who are skilled in pursuing Child Accident Claims to the full extent of the law. Through thorough, methodical case work, we’re able to ensure that victims of personal injury are awarded the compensation that they deserve; so that they might use the awarded funds to help them recover from their ordeal and potentially contribute towards equipment, aids and support that they may need as a result of the accident.

Whatever the case, we work to support parents and their children by providing unmatched legal advice, and support that transcends legal boundaries to help them cope with the entirety of their situation.

If you believe that your child has suffered as a direct result of someone else’s negligence, then speak to us. Our experience is gained at the cutting edge of child injury case law, and this expertise allows us to pursue intricate claims without losing sight of what’s important.

We’ve dealt with a number of child claims in the past, so we know exactly what to expect and which medical matters to focus on. By working in this way, we’re able to ensure the greatest possible outcome for you and your child.

Be quick…

We understand that the consequences for victims are far reaching; many will suffer physical symptoms whilst others may experience stress and psychological consequences. With children, the damage can be far greater, sustaining an injury at such a young age can have long-term effects on behaviour and may leave them with scarring or disability that will last for the rest of their lives. We understand that your child’s involvement in accident can be a very sensitive subject which can cause a great deal of stress and heart-ache and so we’re careful to approach your child injury claim with tact and respect. We do everything we possibly can to make the process as easy and as straightforward as possible. Sometimes in complex cases, it can take quite some time to reach a settlement so the quicker you speak to us, the better. There are also time limits in place for making claims of this type.

More often than not, any compensation paid to a child will be invested in a Court approved fund; this will then be released when they reach the age of 18. Where the child requires urgent care or has medical needs, the money will be placed in a trust fund, where the trustees can release funds where required.

Next Steps

There are some incidents where parents may have lost a baby or child to an accident or injury; no amount of compensation could ever make up for such a tragic loss; yet in claiming, your case could pave the way for improvements in safety procedures and practices that could prevent such a thing happening in future. We will act respectfully and sympathetically in bringing those responsible to justice so that you don’t suffer any unnecessary distress.

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