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Exposure to Teflon®: Polymer fume fever and fluoropolymer fever

What are the Harmful Effects?

Victims of fluoropolymer fume inhalation will often experience chills, headaches, and fevers, with chest tightness and a mild cough. Onset occurs around 4 to 8 hours after exposure to the pyrolysis (head induced breakdown) products of PTFE. In some cases, severe toxic effects can occur, such as pulmonary edema’s, pneumonitis and death. The effects are often heat dependent, and where teflon is heated to over 450°C, the fumes can cause acute lung injury.

How Does it Happen?

When Teflon is heated, the developing fumes produce an influenza-like syndrome (polymer fume fever) in those who are exposed. Ideally, individuals should not be exposed to such fumes, as guidelines state that employees should be provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE,) to protect them from these working hazards. So where exposure occurs, it is likely due to employer negligence. Where Employer negligence has a negative impact on your health, you may be entitled to make a polymer fume fever claim.

What if I’ve Fallen Ill as a Result?

Most importantly, you should speak to a doctor if you haven’t already. Explain your occupational role to them, and any chemicals that you handle. A history of handling teflon will help them arrive at the correct diagnosis. Where testing indicates polymer fume fever, you should seek legal advice. Where the negligence of your employer can be proven, you can make a claim for Teflon exposure compensation.

Be Quick…

If you do decide to make a claim for polymer fume fever compensation, you will need to act quickly. There are time limits in place for making claims of this kind, so you will need to seek legal advice as soon as you suspect negligence has had a negative impact on your health.

As soon as you involve us, our expert hazardous substance solicitors will determine whether or not you have a valid claim. Where a polymer fume fever claim can be made, they will work diligently to identify the sources of exposure, so that we can warn the authorities, preventing others from falling ill. Where teflon fume exposure can be linked with your health problems, we can establish a convincing claim, that will compensate you for any suffering sustained.

Our Hazardous Substances Experience

If we find that a third party has been negligent in their responsibilities to protect you from polymer fume inhalation, we can investigate. We will meticulously examine every aspect of your situation, from assessing health and safety practices at the employer’s premises, to examining medical records. In doing this, we can collect all the required evidence to build a compelling case.

As part of our investigation we will assess the present impact on your health and your life, examining any possible long-term consequences, whether physical, emotional or financial; so that we can assess any future needs, or expenses. By working in this way we can work to acquire compensation that fairly reflects the damage, and undue suffering, that you have had to bear.

Next Steps

We pride ourselves on our provision of first-class legal advice and support. Our team of expert solicitors have a wealth of expertise, and knowledge, that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. For free, expert advice on pursuing a polymer fume fever claim, speak to us today.

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