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Fatal Accident Claims

Under these conditions, it remains possible to make a fatal accident claim.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has reported an increase in the number of work-related fatal accidents, the first in 5 years. A further report from the BBC based on HSE data showed that 50 victims were killed during the course of their employment, up from 41 in the previous 12 month period.

In the event that the victim had dependents, or was responsible for supporting older members of family, your claim for Fatal Accident Compensation will take all of these circumstances into account. Where the death occurs as a result of a criminal act, only immediate family members will be considered as part of the claim.

Fatal accident compensation awards will take into account:

Actual losses – Compensation for any costs incurred through caring for the injured person, administrative costs and funeral expenses; where death is not instant, you may also be awarded for lost earnings, costs of nursing care and travel costs, as well as housing alterations, medical aids, adaptations and private health care.
There may also be later administrative costs involving applying for probate or estate administration fees. It is also possible that you may be compensated for any loss of services, wherein the victim would usually provide the service but you must now cover these costs yourself… examples may include car repair, DIY or decorating.

Bereavement – Up until the 1st of January 2008, the fixed sum for bereavement was £10,000. Since then it has increased to £11,800 which is payable only to the wife or husband of the deceased, or the parents of the deceased if the victim was under the age of 18, never married and was living at home with them.

Losses for dependency – Often the largest part of awarded damages, this sum is awarded to those who were dependent on the victim’s income; this may be a partner or children and the amount will depend upon their income. The calculated award may also consider any future pension loss, or benefits such as a company car, health care benefits, mobile phone usage and any other allowances.

Compensation for pain and suffering – If death results from a disease, such as those caused by asbestos or other harmful practices or substances, then a large component of the claim will usually be compensation for the pain and suffering of the victim during their lifetime due to the disease. This element of the award will be distributed according to the deceased’s Will or as on intestacy. Often this will be to the same people who are entitled to the dependency compensation above.

Whatever the situation, Asons Solicitors can help. Our experience in dealing with sensitive cases like this, means that we are able to provide the greatest legal support and advice whilst respectfully dealing with your case in the most effective way possible. No claim award will compensate you for your loss, but in pursuing justice, your Fatal Accident Claim can pave the way to create a safer environment so that other people may be saved.

Our fatal accident experience

We have a team of knowledgeable fatal accident solicitors in place who are skilled in pursuing Fatal Accident Claims to the full extent of the law. Through meticulous and methodical case work, we’re able to ensure that the families of victims are awarded the compensation that they deserve; so that they might use the awarded funds to cover funeral costs, outstanding debts and any other matters that need tending to.

Whatever the case, we work to support families by providing unmatched legal advice as well as support that transcends legal boundaries to help them cope with the entirety of their situation.

Our experience is gained at the cutting edge of fatal accident law, and this expertise allows us to pursue complex claims without losing sight of what’s important. We’ve dealt with a number fatal cases in the past, so we know exactly what to expect and which medical matters to focus on. By working in this way, we’re able to ensure the greatest possible outcome for your fatal accident claim.

Fatal Accidents Resources

Our comprehensive guide to the problem of accidents sustained at work, called Workplace Accidents – The Occupational Hazard, details all types of common claims from falls to electric shocks to hearing loss, alongside remarkable statistics on their occurrence and the rate of fatalities.

Next steps

We understand that the consequences for the families of victims, are far reaching; the emotional distress and sense of loss will be overwhelming and it can also result in a drastic loss of income. For those who were dependent upon the victim, the financial consequences can be severe. We understand that not only is this a difficult and sensitive subject, but it will have upset the balance of your life in a way that few can hope to understand. With this in mind we act sympathetically with tact and with the utmost respect to avoid causing any unnecessary distress.

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