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Back Injury Compensation

When Can I Make A Back Injury Claim For Compensation?

One of the most common complaints our injury lawyers deal with are those of back injuries at work, which can often be devastating. Workers may hurt their back in a number of different situations. However, the common theme these accidents have is that health and safety guidelines haven’t been correctly followed by the employer – whether that injury is the result of a fall or heavy lifting.

When your employer hires you, they are taking responsibility for your health – that’s on the contract you sign at the very start. If you should injure yourself at your workplace, through no fault of your own, it is your employer who must bear the blame.

If this describes you, get in touch with us today to start a no win no fee back injury compensation claim. The money earnt can help you rebuild your life. We’re on 01204 521133, or you can send us a message on live chat or request that we give you a call-back.

Is There A Time Limit On Making A Back Injury Claim?

This man has suffered from a working injury, and may be able to make a back injury claim.

Yes, though it does have some exceptions. Usually, you’ll need to start your compensation claim within three years of the date when your back was injured. Generally speaking, if you believe you have a legal claim in anything, don’t delay in seeking help. The earlier a potential case is reported, the easier it is to find evidence for it, and the better your memory will be of the crucial details.

If the three years have already elapsed, yet you think you may still have a claim, get in touch with our back injury legal team on 01204 521133 for free advice on any options you may have.

How Much Will I Get When Suing For Back Injury Compensation?

Everyone’s claim is entirely different, so it is difficult to tell you exactly how much you might get to make amends for your back injury. However, our Personal Injury Compensation Calculator may provide a rough guess of what you may receive. The estimates you’ll find will take into account your time off work, lasting personal harm, psychological effects and other issues.

Industrial Accidents Support

Our guide to accidents at work called Workplace Accidents – The Occupational Hazard, provides information and stats on all the industrial accident claims we handle, from falls to electric shocks to hearing loss.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) provides plenty of helpful information for both employers and victims of heavy lifting accidents. It has brochures and printed material for use in the work place as well as guides and checklists for ensuring employee safety. It also includes directions to other support groups that deal with musculoskeletal injuries.

What Are My Next Steps?

Our ‘no win no fee’ solicitors manage the case, from the initial conversation with yourselves to the final settlement being forwarded to you. We deal with your employer’s insurance company and also with the NHS hospital, doctor, or health trust which diagnosed your injury. At Asons we have award winning workplace accident solicitors; who are so talented and experienced, 95% of our clients would recommend us to friends and family. For free, professional advice on pursuing a back injury claim, contact us now on
01204 521133 and take the first step to getting the answers, and the medical compensation that you deserve.

The sum of compensation received will not cure your remaining symptoms, but it can give you the peace of mind and financial security you need to focus on recovering for work. Compensation received from a back injury claim can help pay for physiotherapy and other treatments, to aid the healing process.

If you’re considering making a claim, but still have some worries, have a look at our Eight Reasons Why People Who Should Claim For Compensation Don’t!

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