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Personal Injury Claims

When Can A Personal Injury Claim Be Made?

A personal injury claim can be made when you sustain any kind of bodily injury that wasn’t your fault. There are many different types of personal injuries, and many different circumstances in which they occur. Whether you have an accident at work or a road traffic accident; a fall from a ladder, a car accident, or an electrocution, all usually fall under the same field of law: personal injury. If you’d like to start a claim today with Asons, our injury lawyers are here for you on 01204 521133, or you can arrange a callback on live chat. Alternatively, fill in one of our claims forms or use our Compensation Calculator, and we’ll call you back.

What Types Of Serious Injury Claims Do Asons Handle?

If you are unlucky enough to suffer an accident at work through no fault of your own, Asons’ team of ‘no win no fee’ solicitors can help you claim for compensation. Work accident claims are successful when it is proved that the negligence of your employer has resulted in your injury.

We handle a number of personal accident claims, many of which we have gone into more detail about below. If your specific injury isn’t mentioned, don’t worry, we may still cover cases of that kind – Just give us a call to find out.

The categories named above aren’t the only ways you can sustain personal injury. Indeed, there are many ways you could seriously injure yourself while going about your everyday business. Something falling on your head after being dropped by workmen, injury resulting from poorly maintained public property (i.e a park swing), or ‘needlestick’ injuries are all examples of personal injury claims we cover that don’t easily sit in other categories. If you sustain an accident at work, on the pavement or on the road, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out if we can help you build a successful injury claim.

Is Claiming With Asons No Win No Fee?

Yes.  At Asons Solicitors, we wanted to take the risk out of making a personal injury claim for all of our clients. We believe strongly that everyone should have an access to justice, regardless of financial situation. No win no fee is the guarantee that you won’t pay a penny until we know your case will be successful.

Before any legal proceedings are undertaken, your claim for personal accident compensation will be considered by our expert solicitors. You will be told whether your case can proceed on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Roughly 98% of our clients’ serious injury claims are handled in this way.

What Will My Personal Injury Solicitor Need From Me?

To establish the details of your case, our solicitor will probably need to know:

  • the date of the accident and where and how it happened;
  • contact details for any witnesses you may know;
  • the details of the injuries, including the medical diagnosis and treatment received;
  • whether you are a member of a trade union, which might pay some of the legal costs for you

Other information which may be useful (and potentially increase the value of your claim) include proof of your loss of earnings and other financial expenses resultant from injury, insurance documents, and any other documents you feel could be used to support your claim, such as evidence of previous accidents in similar circumstances.

How Much Will I Receive For My Personal Injury Claim?

The amount of compensation paid out in all personal injury claims is dependent on the evidence available. Any evidence you can provide our solicitors with, such as any witnesses who could provide testimonies for what happened, will help get the best results possible.

All our personal injury claims take into account actual, medically-proven pain and suffering and the extent, any loss of earnings caused, and the psychological effects.  As part of our philosophy of transparency, you will be kept up to date with any changes as the case progresses.

Why Choose Asons For My Personal Injury Claim?

If you have sustained an injury which wasn’t your fault, you should get in touch with an experienced personal injury solicitor to represent you. Serious injury claims are often fiercely defended, and can be difficult to prove. This means that our expert legal assistance is required to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible. Successful cases require a lot of work: gathering details, liaising with insurance companies, and organising court proceedings. Asons’ legal experts pride themselves on their empathy and approachability, and we’re here to do the work for you. With decades of experience, our no win no fee lawyers’ success rate is unparalleled. We will look to secure the personal injury compensation results you deserve – both now and in future.

Call 01204 521133, use our Compensation Calculator or fill in one of our claims callback forms to get started today with a free consultation.

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