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Spinal Injury Claims

Spinal Injuries are a Serious Business!

Seeing as you’re reading this page, we’ll assume that you either have a spinal injury yourself, or you know someone with a spinal injury. Maybe you’ve just been injured and you want to find out whether you can make a claim for compensation. Or perhaps you’re the relative of someone who’s currently recovering in hospital and you need to know what to do next.

Whatever the circumstances, talking to us can help. We can advise you on whether you are able to make a claim for compensation for your injuries or not. Speak to us today, it’s free and there’s no obligation, so you’ve nothing to lose.

Why you Should Claim for Compensation

Having a spinal injury could mean completely changing the way you live. You may need expensive equipment to help you move about; or maybe you’ll require specialist nursing care. And, if you are not able to work, how will you pay the bills?

There’s also the rest of your family to think about. If they are your main carers, they will probably need a break now and again. Respite care is the perfect solution, giving you, and your family, a much needed rest. But, how will you pay for it, if you’ve no money coming in?

Compensation is designed to take care of all these worries for you. If you are able to claim compensation, you can include money to cover all of the above, and more. The idea of compensation is to allow you to continue living your life to the same standard as you did before the injury. Of course, money cannot solve all your problems, but if you receive compensation, at least you can stop worrying about it and concentrate on your health.

Spinal Injury Resources

There are resources on spinal injury all over the internet, as well as comprehensive guides, created by your local health authorities and local charities too.

However, to make your life easier, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on recovering from spinal injury, called ‘Spinal Cord Injury: A Guide to Rebuilding Shattered Lives’. The guide provides statistics and useful resources alongside information on SCI treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. And, below are links to some of the UKs spinal cord injury associations. They’ll be able to provide you with further information, advice and support:

Spinal Injuries Association
British Association of Spinal Injury Specialists

How Will I Pay for my Spinal Injury Claim?

If you’re worrying about how you’ll pay for your compensation claim – don’t! We have a ‘no win, no fee’ option. And, if you qualify, it means you’ll pay nothing until your case is won and your compensation has been awarded. So, call us now, it’s free and there’s no obligation – you really do have nothing to lose!


Be Quick…

If you wish to make a spinal injury claim for compensation– you’ll need to be quick! There are strict time limits placed on claiming compensation, usually three years from the date of the injury. There are some exceptions to this rule, but we can’t advise on this without first knowing the circumstances of the injury.

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