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Orthopaedic Surgery Claims

What are the duties of an orthopaedic surgeon?

Orthopaedic surgery may be required to deal with both acute and chronic conditions. Conditions treated range in severity; (the use of weights, ropes and pulleys to apply force to the tissue around a broken bone) to serious trauma and amputation.

The most common operations performed by an orthopaedic surgeon are hip and knee replacements, but they must also possess specialist knowledge in investigating, diagnosing and treating the following conditions:

  • Spinal Injuries
  • Joint reconstruction
  • Fractures
  • Trauma
  • Infections and Tumours of the bone
  • Soft tissues injuries
  • Musculoskeletal oncology
  • Congenital conditions (conditions from birth)

Orthopaedic surgeons are rigorously trained, and in the vast majority of cases, those requiring orthopaedic care receive adequate treatment and make a full recovery.

However, surgeons are human, and make mistakes. Some patients are faced with negligence on the part of their surgeon, which leads to prolonged suffering and repercussions which could be potentially devastating.

What Is Orthopaedic Surgeon Negligence, And How Does It Occur?

Common complications caused by surgical negligence which may arise after orthopaedic surgery include:

  • Missed fractures or failure to merge fractures.
  • Misreading x-rays, resulting in the delay or complete lack of treatment and thus further damage.
  • Infections arising after surgery.
  • Inflammation of the bones.
  • Problems involving hip dysplasia.
  • Negligent surgical practice leading to nerve and/or spinal damage.

How Can We Help With Orthopaedic Surgery Claims?

A doctor examines a hip and spine x-ray.

Our orthopaedic surgical negligence solicitors understand better than anyone how injuries caused by medical negligence do not solely cause long-term health and mobility problems. They also mean time off work, leading to the further distress of income loss. This may then result in depression and other psychological symptoms, including the stress of being let down by a trusted professional. Our medical malpractice solicitors have overseen hundreds of injury claims resultant from surgery. Their experience means they can focus upon the important clinical matters from the outset, gathering critical evidence to substantiate your medical claim.

At Asons, we take the time to thoroughly research and understand your situation so that we can secure negligence compensation which will support you – both now and in future. We take all factors into account when preparing your claim because this ensures the best possible outcome for you and your family.


Be Quick…

It is natural to be worried about the potential costs of pursuing your clinical negligence case. To address this concern, we have devised a variety of options to help you.

We help acquire all the assistance that you are entitled to, whilst managing resulting compensation in the most beneficial way possible. We must remind you to be quick, however, as there are time limits in place for making claims of this kind.

Next Steps

We deal with medical negligence claims on a regular basis. If you are suffering as a result of substandard treatment, you may be eligible to make a claim. Our Medical Negligence Solicitors will work to gather all appropriate paperwork and documentation, whilst speaking to the parties involved, substantiating your claim.

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