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Negligent Weight Loss Surgery Compensation Claims

Also referred to as bariatric procedures, weight loss surgery is used by medical authorities as a last port of call to help patients loose a significant amount of weight, as a result of being morbidly obese. This option should only adopted by the NHS when a patient’s obesity is becoming life threatening and all other treatments have been exhausted.

Despite such measures and a variety of weight loss surgery options, surgical errors can still take place when surgery takes place without due care and expertise. Under such scenarios, where injury is caused, the patient could make a medical negligence claim.

Although weight loss surgery is proven to be effective in stimulating weight loss, it carries a high number of risks and potential complications, which can be fatal if the procedure is not performed with due care attention, or without good reason. Because of this risk, surgeons will only use weight loss surgery for clinical reasons, and not for cosmetic purposes; however there are still cases of medical professionals performing unwarranted, or negligent surgery, that has led to suffering, or even the death of a patient.

Because of the risks associated with weight loss surgery, the surgeon has an obligation to warn you of any potential weight loss surgery complications involved before the procedure takes place. If the risks are not fully disclosed, and complications do occur, medical malpractice may have taken place as the patient may not have chosen to opt into surgery had they of known.

How Does Weight Loss Surgery Negligence Happen?

Negligence during weight loss surgery, such as a gastric bypass, may have occurred in one of several ways. These include:

a gastric bypass procedure performed by a surgeon

  • The surgeon fitting the band on the wrong site, or wrong angle of the stomach, potentially causing a blockage
  • Failure to complete gastric bypass leading to a leak, or failing to diagnose the leak leading to further complications and treatment
  • If the wrong type of bypass procedure has been performed causing violent side effects

A gastric band is placed into the stomach to encourage weight loss by reducing the amount of food the stomach can hold. Gastric bypass surgery is different to gastric band surgery, the bypass involves the stomach being stapled and the intestines being shortened.

If any of the above have occurred, during gastric band surgery, then you may have been victim to substandard care and therefore you may be eligible to make a medical negligence claim for compensation.

Our Weight Loss Surgery Claim Experience

Our legal expertise in dealing with surgical clinical negligence compensation claims is second to none. Due to the years of extensive legal service provided by our medical negligence solicitors, it is likely that they will have already overseen a case similar to your own; allowing them to focus on the most critical medical and evidential points of your medical claim case from the outset. This means that the most pertinent issues will be thoroughly covered whilst we investigate your surgery claim; resulting in the greatest possible outcome for you.

The physical costs of negligent weight loss surgery are clear and on their own, are enough to contend with. But we also recognise the financial and psychological costs of dealing with such life changing surgery; so we do our utmost to provide the greatest possible support outside of the boundaries of legal advice. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have, providing information and links to other support groups where required as well as providing a friendly point of contact should you have anything else that you wish to discuss.

Be Quick…

If you feel that the devastating side effects of your weight loss surgery could have been avoided, it is critical that you contact us as quickly as possible to begin making a claim. The resulting compensation can grant you access to the greatest rehabilitation, helping to rebuild your life after such a traumatic event.

Some victims do worry about the potential costs involved when pursuing a negligent weight loss surgery claim; which is why we have specialist teams of solicitors in place who can help you to secure all of the support and aid you are entitled to. So whatever your situation, we should be able to help. In the event of a successful claim, we can manage this in the most beneficial way to you.

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