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Ear, Nose & Throat Compensation

How Does This Happen?

Surgeons prepare a patient for a pinnaplasty.

Most Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) procedures are considered straightforward, posing relatively low associated risks. Despite this, medical negligence claims associated with the surgeries are common. Patients can receive sub-standard treatment during even the simplest procedures; with mistakes resulting in debilitating and disfiguring injuries.

ENT departments specialise in diagnosing and operating on disorders of the ear, nose and throat. Surgeries are performed to improve the quality of a patient’s health, as opposed to being considered life or death. Common ENT procedures include:

  • Rhinoplasty (nasal surgery)
  • Pinnaplasty (ear surgery)
  • Removal of minor nasal obstructions, for the relief of sleep apnoea, facial pain, tinnitus and snoring

Despite the common-place nature of the above surgeries, mistakes are still made; resulting in serious and long lasting effects. Examples of the issues that can arise include:

  • A misdiagnosis; the symptoms are often confused with those of a less serious ailment. A misdiagnosis is easily made on the basis that a blocked ear or throat pain are often associated with day to day, less serious, ear nose and throat infections.
  • Leaking of cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF)
  • Nerve damage inflicted during surgery
  • Damage to the bones surrounding the eyes and skull, during endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Various undesirable effects including, the permanent loss of smell, meningitis, brain abscesses and nerve damage, can occur during or following a crainiotomy

A patient presenting with on-going symptoms such as a blocked, bleeding or sore ear, or throat problems, should receive a referral to an ear nose and throat doctor, allowing them to benefit from their expertise.

It may be that a symptom, such as ear pain, is an indicator of a more serious underlying issue. Where a patient has suffered from a delay in their treatment, causing avoidable complications, they may be able to a medical malpractice claim.

If you, or someone you know, feel that an error was made during your surgery, or that you were the recipient of poor care, then you could have a claim for Ear, Nose & Throat compensation.

Our Surgery Claims Experience

Our Ear, Nose and Throat medical negligence solicitors work at the cutting edge of clinical negligence case law; enabling them to investigate complex medical claims in great detail, ensuring that you receive all of the compensation that you deserve. Our specialist medical negligence compensation team work to support our clients, providing both legal advice and support. They appreciate that the poor care received can have far reaching consequences; including time off work, lost earnings and incredible stress.

When making a medical malpractice claim, we will assess the impact your treatment has had upon your life, to gain a greater understanding of the consequences suffered. Once we have determined the extent of your complications and whether further suffering could have been avoided with appropriate treatment; we can build a case that medical practitioners and authorities will struggle to defend against.


Be Quick…

As with the majority of medical negligence cases, making a claim for Ear, Nose & Throat compensation requires expert legal assistance, as cases of this kind are fiercely defended by legal and medical experts. Solicitors should be involved in a case as soon as possible, to increase the chances of making a successful claim. There are also time limits in place for claims of this kind; legal help should be sought as quickly as possible.

Next Steps

You may be worried about the possible costs of pursuing your Ear, Nose and Throat claim; so we have advisory teams in place to help you secure all the assistance available to you. Whatever the situation, we are likely to find a way to help.

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