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Delayed Treatment Claims

How Does Delayed Treatment Occur?

Medical care in the UK is usually of a high technical standard. However, with government cuts and no drop in sickness rates, our NHS is forced to do more with less, and resulting accidents happen. The most common medical error is to, either by misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose altogether, cause an unnecessary delay in treatment, which can have dire consequences.

The definition of medical negligence is when a medical professional with a duty to provide care fails to do so, resulting in harm to the patient. As such, as a common form of medical negligence, delayed treatment cannot be excused.

Our Delayed Treatment Claims Experience

A doctor discusses the next date of treatment.

Our expert clinical negligence solicitors are well versed in pursuing delayed treatment claims for victims. We make it our goal to aid those who have suffered, by pursuing their claims to the fullest extent possible. The experience, and knowledge, of our solicitors is second to none; so we can explore complex claims, ensuring that they are investigated thoroughly. It is quite likely that our solicitors will have covered cases like yours in the past, so they can focus on the most important medical, and evidential, matters from the outset, ensuring the greatest possible outcome for your delayed treatment claim.

Whatever your case, we’re here to help. Errors arising from poor medical care can have dire repercussions for patients. We understand that the detrimental effect on victims is not just physical, but that it can also cause financial difficulties, where time is taken off work. The resulting stress can also elicit psychological consequences. Victims find it hard to come forward with their claims, and so we do everything we possibly can to make the process, as easy, and as straightforward, as possible.

Examples Of Delayed Treatment Claims

One past client injured his knee in a sporting accident and underwent an X-Ray through which doctors failed to diagnose a fracture. Symptoms persisted and some 3 months later the fracture was finally diagnosed but by then it was too late to surgically manage the injury, leading to his medical discharge from the Navy and a resultant loss of earnings.


Be Quick…

As with any claim, you may be worried about the potential costs of pursuing your case for delayed treatment compensation. We have a variety of options available that will help you; and we will aid you in acquiring all the assistance you are entitled to, whilst managing any resulting compensation in the most beneficial way possible. You need to be quick however, as there are time limits in place for making claims of this kind.

Next Steps

Here at Asons solicitors, we deal with delayed treatment claims on a regular basis. So if you are suffering as a result of delayed treatment, you may be eligible to make a claim. Our clinical negligence solicitors will work to collate all of the appropriate paperwork and documentation, whilst speaking to all the parties involved, helping substantiate your claim.

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