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Blood Transfusion Compensation

The process of taking blood from a donor, and giving it to a patient, a blood transfusion may be administered for a number of reasons:

  • To replace blood which has been lost during major surgery, childbirth or a severe accident.
  • To treat anaemia which has failed to respond to other treatments
  • To treat blood disorders that have been inherited such as sickle cell anaemia or thalassaemia.

Where errors have occurred, putting the patient at risk, a medical negligence claim can be made.

How Does Blood Transfusion Negligence Happen?

A blood transfusion taking place during surgery.

If a mistake is made, the blood transfusion risks can be very serious, with even fatal consequences. Types of medical malpractice, which can occur during a blood transfusion include:

  • A patient receiving contaminated blood
  • A patient receiving the wrong type of blood
  • A patient being incorrectly identified
  • An unnecessary transfusion being carried out, often as a result of a misdiagnosis
  • Mistakes made during the transfusion process

If a patient receives the wrong blood type this is usually considered to be negligent blood transfusion service practice, which can cause a serious or fatal reaction.

If a transfusion is given using contaminated blood, which has been taken from someone who has a blood borne virus, then there is a risk that the recipient may then contract that illness. Examples of illnesses considered to be risks of blood transfusion include HIV and Hepatitis C.

Our Blood Transfusion Compensation Experience

Our expert blood transfusion compensation solicitors have knowledge and expertise spanning a number of areas including the complications of blood transfusions and medical negligence.

Our expert solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing medical claim cases like these, so you can rest assured that every part of your clinical negligence claim will be investigated. In concentrating on the key medical and evidential matters, we can ensure that we achieve the greatest outcome for your blood transfusion claim.


Be Quick…

As with any claim, you may be worried about the potential costs of pursuing your blood transfusion claim. We have a variety of options available that will help you; and as expert medical negligence solicitors we will aid you in acquiring all the assistance you are entitled to whilst managing any resulting compensation in the most beneficial way possible. You need to be quick however, as there are time limits in place for making claims of this kind following a blood transfusion.

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Our clinical negligence solicitors will work to collate all of the appropriate paperwork and documentation, whilst speaking to all the parties involved helping substantiate your claim so that you don’t have to.

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