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Missed Fracture Claim

Bone fractures come in a variety of types, and sizes, some are easier to find than others, and some present greater risks to the victim. Unfortunately, fractures are not always immediately obvious and where a medical practitioner fails to find or diagnose such a fracture; it can have serious repercussions for the victim.

How Does This Happen?

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It’s no secret that our health service is overworked, and underfunded; so where medical staffs are forced to do more with less time, and resources, accidents are more likely to happen. A patient may suffer a fall on a wrist, or twist an ankle; and the doctor may dismiss the injury as a sprain, or a pulled muscle.

Weeks later, the victim may find that the affected limb, or joint, may remain swollen and painful. Upon revisiting A&E, an x-ray may reveal that the patient does in fact, have a fracture.

Had x-rays been taken at the very beginning, the patient could have been saved the pain, suffering and inconvenience of delayed diagnosis, and delayed treatment. Our expert medical negligence solicitors have seen a variety of undiagnosed fracture compensation cases; where victims have suffered further injury, causing fractures to worsen or develop into fully-blown broken bones.

Our Missed Fracture Claims Experience

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When making a claim for missed fracture compensation, we will assess the impact of the delayed diagnosis, gaining a greater understanding of the possible threat posed to you, as a result of their negligence. If we can determine that complications, and further suffering could have been avoided, through the use of a simple x-ray; we can build a case that medical practitioners, and authorities, will struggle to defend against.

Victims, who suffer such an ordeal, often neglect to tell anyone about their potential missed fracture compensation claim. These individuals may be unaware of their rights to claim, some may write it off as an unavoidable medical error. It is important however, for these people to come forward. By holding medical authorities to account for their medical malpractice, those that are claimed against, often improve their procedures to prevent such medical claim errors from reoccurring; so in making a claim, not only will you be compensated for your inconvenience, but you will also be helping others to avoid further injury in future.

The complications relating to a misdiagnosis of a missed fracture can vary; some may suffer prolonged pain, whilst others may find themselves unable to use the joint at all. Under such circumstances, the pain may elicit a recommendation for arthrodesis; where the affected bones are artificially fused together through surgery. This can diminish severe pain, but it can render the affected limb less useful.

Under such circumstances, where strong, flexible joints are required for work; such as driving, tool use or manual handling; it can have huge ramifications for your work, which can have an impact on your earnings. So where a missed fracture eventually leads to such a loss in earnings, this can be assessed as part of your missed fracture compensation claim.

Other common cases include missed scaphoid fractures. The scaphoid is a small bone in the wrist, which can present with fractures that may be difficult to see on an x-ray. Medical experience will usually see a medical practitioner call the patient in for a second check a week later to be sure. Where complications result from a missed scaphoid fracture; medical negligence compensation may be awarded.


Be Quick…

We recognise that victims of clinical negligence, and missed fractures, will suffer more than just the inconvenience of pain and reduced mobility. Such injuries can result in lost earnings, which in turn can cause stress, and a number of other problems. Where a medical practitioner’s error makes your life needlessly difficult, you’re well within your rights to make a claim for missed fracture compensation. Seeking advice early will help to move your claim along quickly, but it is also important because there are time limits in place for making medical negligence claims of this kind.

We pride ourselves on our provision of first-class legal advice and support. We have a specialist team of medical negligence solicitors in place, with a wealth of expertise and knowledge, that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Their years of legal service mean that it’s likely they will have overseen a case like yours in the past. This means that they can focus on the most critical evidential and medical matters from the outset, when investigating your claim. This helps us to achieve the greatest possible success, allowing us to reward you with the missed fracture compensation that you deserve.

Next Steps

You may be worried about the possible costs in pursuing your missed fracture medical malpractice claim; so we have specialist teams in place to help you secure all the assistance available to you. Whatever the situation, we are likely to find a way to help.

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