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Appendicitis Claims

Failing to diagnose Appendicitis can lead to a delay in treatment. If not treated, the Appendix may burst, causing potentially life threatening infections. If a patient presents the classic symptoms of acute Appendicitis and a diagnosis is delayed or isn’t made, then a case can be presented for medical negligence compensation.

What causes Appendicitis?

appendicitis abdomen pain

In the case of chronic or grumbling Appendicitis, medical malpractice can have severe consequences. Appendicitis is triggered when the appendix has become blocked, possibly by a foreign object, faeces or in some cases a tumour. The blockage causes bacteria in the appendix to multiply, causing it to fill with pus, swell and if left untreated, burst.

GP or hospital negligence occurs when a patient presents with classic appendicitis signs and they are given a medical misdiagnosis.

The recognisable appendicitis symptoms include:

  • Pain in the middle or right lower abdomen. Appendicitis pain worsens when pressed, walking or coughing.
  • Feeling nauseous & vomiting
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Constipation or Diarrhoea
  • A fever of 38°C (100.4°F) or more

Delaying the effective treatment of appendicitis causes unnecessary suffering to the patient and can lead to further long term or fatal complications.

Our Appendicitis Claims Experience

When searching for a solicitor, it is important you feel comfortable with them. When dealing with such a sensitive subject you need to receive the utmost support and advice; which is why our medical negligence teams are always on hand to answer any questions and provide guidance.

Making a claim for appendicitis compensation requires expert Medical Negligence Solicitors, because cases of this kind are fiercely defended by legal and medical experts. The earlier you involve an expert solicitor in your case the greater your chances of making a successful medical negligence claim. We can investigate your case on your behalf, examining every aspect of your situation so that all the substantiating evidence can be assembled into a compelling case. Our solicitors work at the cutting edge of medical malpractice case law; so they are able to investigate complex appendicitis medical claims in great detail. They can assess the present and future impact of your treatment so that you are awarded clinical negligence compensation which will support you now, and in the future.


Be Quick…

We pride ourselves on our provision of first-class legal advice and support. Our team of specialist solicitors have a wealth of expertise and knowledge that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Their years of legal service make it likely that they will have dealt with a case like yours in the past. Meaning that they can focus on the most critical case matter from the outset. This helps us achieve the greatest possible success for your appendicitis compensation claim. There are time limits in place for claims of this kind so you should seek legal advice as quickly as possible.

Next Steps

You may be worried about the possible costs of pursuing your claim; so we have advisory teams in place to help you secure all the assistance available to you. Whatever the situation, if a misdiagnosis has caused you suffering, we are likely to find a way to help.

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