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Misdiagnosis Claims

Many people suffer from a misdiagnosis of disease when they visit their doctor. This can be for a number of reasons, but one of the most common reason is the vagueness of symptoms. Many diseases have symptoms that could be present for a number of other illnesses. This makes the healthcare professional’s job quite tricky. They have to interpret any physical symptoms you might have as well as the symptoms the patient advises the doctors they are suffering from.

Most people associate misdiagnosis with being diagnosed with something less severe. However, it’s also important to remember that misdiagnosis can also include being told that your condition is much worse that it really is at that time. You could end up having treatment that you don’t require because your illness is thought to be much more serious than it really is.

If you have suffered from a misdiagnosis, you may be eligible to claim for compensation. This is where we come in. We are medical negligence specialists, so we are highly experienced at dealing with claims in this area. We’ll be able to tell you within a couple of minutes whether you have the grounds to claims for compensation. It’s confidential and free, so you’ve nothing to lose.

Speak to one of our experienced compensation claims advisors free of charge today on 01204 521 133 or on live chat for a consultation. Alternatively, you can fill in one of our claims forms or use our Compensation Calculator, and we’ll call you back.

Types of Misdiagnosis

Doctor talking with patient and takings notes

There a two types of misdiagnosis that you may come across:

  • Delayed, Missed or Late Diagnosis – your doctor completely missed your illness and only realised the true nature of it in the very late stages. Maybe you were brushed off by your doctor as being a worrier or stressed, and so they didn’t start to investigate your symptoms seriously until they became so sever they could no longer be ignored.
  • Misdiagnosis – you were diagnosed with something else to begin with, you may have already started to receive treatment for your misdiagnosed illness, which could cause more harm than good.

Why Does Misdiagnosis Occur?

There are a number of reasons why a misdiagnosis might occur.  As, already mentioned, the most common one is the vagueness of the symptoms. For example, some of the symptoms for lung cancer, such as a persistent cough, breathlessness, aches and pains could also be present if you’re suffering from bronchitis. And many of the symptoms of bowel cancer, such as weight loss, upset stomach and weight loss could all occur if you’re suffering from food poisoning too! However, cancer is not the only disease to be misdiagnosed. A full list of the claims we most commonly deal with is below.

Misdiagnoses may also occur because of an error by medical staff. This could because they are too busy, as is the case in many hospitals these days, or because there’s a lack of knowledge and experience available, a young doctor may make an error due to a lack of supervision.

A misdiagnosis may also occur simply because the healthcare professional made a mistake. We are all human and we are all capable of making mistakes.

The most common types of misdiagnosis we see are:

A doctor examining x-rays

Doctors failing to investigate symptoms of serious illness – you may have been to the doctors on a number of occasions with the same symptom, a persistent cough for example, but the GP does not take your symptoms seriously enough and send you away with antibiotics for a chest infection.

Doctors failing to perform tests to exclude illness or injury – if a healthcare professional believes that the symptoms you are experiencing may be caused by bowel cancer, they have a duty to make sure that the tests for bowel cancer are carried out.

Misreporting of scans, smears or biopsies – your doctor may misinterpret the results of your scan. They may tell you that you disease is either more advanced or less advanced than it really is.

When any of these three scenarios occur, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. If the negligence of another – in laymans terms that means they didn’t do what they should have done – causes you to suffer more than you would have done you are entitled to be compensated.

I suffered clinical negligence from the NHS.
Asons helped me through this
tricky time by
securing £150,000+
in compensation

It’s Not Personal

Remember! All healthcare staff are covered by insurance, which is designed for situation such as this. It is this insurance you’ll be claiming from, not the person themselves. Think of it like your car insurance. You buy a policy so that if you crash into someone and it’s your fault, the other person will be compensated for the damage you caused. It’s no different for healthcare professionals.

Even if you feel your surgeon or doctor is a friend – you may known them for years – you should still explore the possibility of making a claim if you find yourself in this situation.

Often people are afraid to make a claim, but this should never be the case. If you’d like to know more about the reasons people don’t claim, read Eight Reasons Why People Who Should Claim for Compensation, Don’t!

The Types of Claims we cover:

At Asons, we have a specialist team of compensation solicitors who are ready and able to help you with your claim. We have a wealth of experience in the following areas:

Appendicitis Stroke Whooping Cough
Cauda Equina Leprosy Swine Flu
Meningitis Deep Vein Thrombosis Missed Fracture
Tendon Injury

If your injury is not detailed above, call us to discuss your situation – we’ll quickly be able to tell you if you can claim for compensation.

Why you Should Make a Claim for Compensation

Compensation is designed to help you. It’s meant to make your everyday life as normal as possible.

So, if your illness prevents you from working, and you have no other income, you’ll need some way of supporting yourself while you get back on your feet or make alternative arrangements, benefits for example – this is what compensation is for!

If you have some very expensive equipment to buy that will require alterations to your property, compensation can help, the same is true if you need round the clock care that requires a professional.

Being hurt through misdiagnosis is bad enough, compensation can help you financially so you can focus on getting better.

Our solicitors can provide expert claim advice in a FREE consultation if you are unsure; simply call 01204 521 133.

Our Experience of Handling Claims For Misdiagnosis

Asons can help you make your claim for compensation quickly and easily. We will be able to tell you whether you have a case for claiming compensation in a matter of minutes. So, why not give us a call!

If you’ve suffered a misdiagnosis, that you think you might make you eligible for compensation, let us help. We just need a few minutes of your time and, in return, we’ll be able to tell you the likelihood of you being able to bring a successful claim.

Asons Keep it Simple!

At Asons, we like to keep it simple. We promise to:

  • avoid the complicated legal jargon, wherever we can. We find it confuses people and makes them feel like they don’t know what‘s going on.
  • give you a dedicated claims handler, who will deal with your case from the beginning right through to the end. Of course, there may be times when this is not possible. When this happens, you will be kept fully informed of why and who will be taking over
  • explain what’s happening with the case, as it progresses, in a clear and concise manner
  • be available for you when you need us. It’s important that you feel like you can contact us, to ask questions or for clarification, whenever you need to.

In short, we’ll take all the stress for you, so you don’t have to!

Be Quick…

In law there’s a very strict time limit in place for claiming for compensation. Any claims for compensation must be made within three years of either the date the negligence occurred, or the date you discovered that your illness was made worse due to another’s negligence. The time limit is called a ‘statute of limitations’.

So, don’t hang about. Make sure you call us today.

‘No Win, No Fee’

We don’t believe that those who’ve suffered negligence, because of another should be out of pocket whilst the claim process progresses. That’s why we use the ‘no win, no fee’ system.

More on ‘no win, no feehere.

Next Steps

The process is easy. All you need to do is contact one of our specialist compensation claim solicitors, for a quick, informal chat. There’s no obligation and it’s free. We’d need just a few minutes of your time to assess the chances of your case being successful. And, if you’d like to go ahead, we can start your right away.

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