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Dental Veneers Claims

A thin layer of porcelain, a dental veneer should be custom made to fit over the front of a tooth, or a whole set of teeth, cosmetically enhancing the appearance of the teeth. People choose to have veneers fitted to improve the shape and positioning of their teeth, and often to close in gaps. Veneers can fix misaligned teeth, where braces are not a suitable course of treatment.

Much like other forms of cosmetic dentistry, the skill and professionalism of a dentist is vital to the success of the final outcome of the veneer. As the porcelain veneers are very thin, a small preparation of the tooth needs to take place before the Veneer is fitted into place. If teeth veneers are fitted poorly, the patient can be in a great deal of pain, even developing an infection. An example of dental negligence, where suffering has been caused, the patient can make a dental medical negligence claim.

What is Dental Negligence?

A dentist examines a patient's veneers for a proper fit.

Whenever a procedure takes place, it is vitally important that the upmost standards of care are maintained, not only to ensure that the patient is free from harm, but so aesthetically it looks as intended. Where this level of service is believed to be of a poor standard, the patients may be able to make a dental negligence claim.

There are a number of complications which we have seen through dental negligence case studies, during the fitting of Veneers, which can leave a patient suffering needlessly. Within the procedure of preparing the teeth for Veneers, a dentist removes a certain amount of enamel from the front of the teeth. If this is performed negligently, it can leave the teeth damaged and vulnerable.

How do I Know if I Have a Dental Veneer Claim?

A female dentist fits a patient's veneers.

A dental professional has a duty of care to ensure all dental procedures are completed to industry standards. They should ensure the patient doesn’t suffer from any unnecessary pain or discomfort, taking care to avoid damage to the tooth that could have been avoided, had they carried out the procedure properly. If you feel that you have undergone a dental procedure which has caused you unnecessary suffering, then you may be entitled to make a dental negligence claim for compensation.

While the procedure is expected to cause pain, tooth veneers should not cause prolonged discomfort, and sensitivity should last no more than a week. Problems may also arise through Veneer shifting, or infections, often a consequence of poorly fitted veneers.

Anyone who believes their dental veneers have caused complications, because they were fitted without due care and expertise, should consider making a claim for dental negligence compensation.

Our solicitors can provide expert claim advice in a FREE consultation if you are unsure; simply call 01204 521 133.

How Much Will I Get?

Everyon’e’s claim is entirely different, so it is difficult to advise accurately. However, our Medical Negligence Compensation Calculator  may provide a rough estimate of what you may receive. These estimates are based on your injuries and also other factors, such as psychological problems and missed time at work.

‘No Win No Fee’

At Asons Solicitors, we have taken the risk out of making a claim for all of our clients, which is why over 98% of our claims are No Win No Fee. This way, we can allow everyone access to justice, regardless of their financial position. If you choose to make a claim with us, there are no upfront fees or unexpected costs, as we take on the risk for you.

More on ‘No Win, No Feehere.

Our Dental Treatment Claims Expertise

The experience and knowledge of our solicitors is second to none; as such, we can explore complicated dental negligence cases, ensuring they are investigated in their entirety. It is quite likely that our dental negligence team of solicitors will have covered cases like yours in the past, so they can focus on the most important medical and evidential matters from the outset, ensuring the greatest possible outcome for your dental negligence claim.

Whatever your case, we’re here to help. Errors arising from dental negligence can have dire repercussions for patients. We understand that the detrimental effect on victims is not just physical, but that it can also cause financial difficulties where time is taken off work, and the resulting stress can also elicit psychological consequences. Victims find it hard to come forward with their claims, and we do everything we possibly can to make the process as easy and as straightforward as possible.


Be Quick…

As with any claim, you may be worried about the potential costs of pursuing your case for dental compensation. We have a variety of options available that will help you; and we will aid you in acquiring all the assistance that you are entitled to, whilst managing any resulting compensation in the most beneficial way possible. You will need to be quick though, as there are time limits in place for making claims of this kind.

Next Steps

Here at Asons solicitors, we deal with dental negligence claims on a regular basis. If you are suffering as a result of substandard treatment, you may be eligible to make a claim. Our dental negligence expertise doesn’t end here, we all also deal with cases including, but not limited to: periodontal disease, dental implants, dental crowns, and dental bridges.

Our dental negligence solicitors will work to collate all of the appropriate paperwork, and documentation, while speaking to all the parties involved, helping to substantiate your claim.

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