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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

What Is Cosmetic Surgery Negligence?

Cosmetic surgery can improve a person’s appearance, boosting their confidence. Though occasionally, things do go wrong. If a cosmetic surgeon makes a mistake, the patient may be left injured, with a physical appearance that they find unpleasant. They may be left with scars or disfiguration, or the work done may lack symmetry. This can lead to negative psychological effects, ranging from a drop in self-esteem and confidence to, in the worst cases, self-loathing or isolation, leading to further treatment.

If you have suffered following a procedure, you may be able to make a cosmetic surgery claim for compensation. You can speak to one of our experienced compensation claims advisors FREE today on 01204 521 133. Or you can use live chat to book a consultation. Alternatively, simply fill in one of our claims forms or use our Compensation Calculator, and we’ll call you back.

What Are The Most Common Cosmetic Surgery Errors?

All surgical procedures carry risks, but the most common areas where mistakes are made are listed below:

If your claim isn’t listed above, don’t worry; we can still help! You can speak to one of our medical negligence solicitors, even if your particular claim isn’t listed above, by calling 01204 521 133.

Can I Make A Cosmetic Surgery Claim For Compensation?

A plastic surgeon explains the risks of cosmetic surgery to a patient.

A claim would usually be bought against a cosmetic surgeon, when they have failed to perform their duties adequately. This could lead to damaging mistakes, both physically and psychologically. However, mistakes could have also been made, not only by the cosmetic surgeon, but also an anaesthetist, or a nurse or doctor.

You must be quick if you wish to make a cosmetic injury claim, as there is usually a three-year time limit after your operation where you are able to come forward. Our medical negligence solicitors can provide you with a free consultation to discuss your potential case.

Our solicitors can provide expert claim advice in a FREE consultation if you are unsure; simply call 01204 521 133.

How Much is My Cosmetic Surgery Claim Worth?

A plastic surgeon marks up a patient's face with black dotted lines prior to surgery.

Every cosmetic surgery claim is different, so there is no set in stone amount of how much you may receive once your claim has settled. There are many factors to be considered such as the extent of physical and psychological damage, the amount of time taken to recover, any ongoing treatment needed and any other costs you may have incurred because of the errors made. Our Medical Negligence Compensation Calculator, may help to give you a rough guide.

‘No Win No Fee’

At Asons Solicitors, we have taken the risk out of making a claim for all of our clients, which is why over 98% of our claims are No Win No Fee. This way, we can allow everyone access to justice, regardless of their financial position. If you choose to make a claim with us, there are no upfront fees or unexpected costs, as we take on the risk for you.

More on ‘No Win, No Feehere.

Next Steps

All you need to do is call us and speak to one of our specialist compensation claim solicitors. At this stage, it’s a free, informal chat – you’re not obliged to anything. We’ll need just a few minutes of your time to assess the chances of your cosmetic surgery claim being successful. And, if you’d like to go ahead, we’ll get the ball rolling immediately.

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