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Oesophageal Cancer Misdiagnosis

Cancer can be a frightening experience. Whether it’s you, someone in your family or a close friend who’s received the bad news, the last thing anyone could want is for confusion with the diagnosis.

Yet oesophageal cancer misdiagnosis can and does happen. And, because early detection and treatment are vital for the best possible outcome, any delay can be devastating.

It is the responsibility of your healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat you correctly. If a misdiagnosis should happen, you may be able to claim for compensation. And we’re here to help, with a specialist team of medical lawyers on hand who can tell you whether a compensation claim is possible.

Speak to one of our experienced compensation claims advisors free of charge today on 01204 521133 or we can help you on live chat. Otherwise, you can fill in one of our claim forms or use our Compensation Calculator, and we’ll call you back.

Misdiagnosis of Oesophageal cancer

an x-ray of a patients chest examined by a doctor

Oesophageal cancer, also known as cancer of the windpipe or gullet, must be correctly managed from the moment you seek medical help, as if allowed to develop, it can become serious. Listed below are some of the main problems we deal with at Asons:

  • Delay or failure to refer a patient to a specialist
  • Failure to arrange further testing when symptoms of cancer were presented
  • Failure to schedule a biopsy or further investigation, after abnormalities noted
  • Failure to act appropriately upon biopsy results, or those of other tests.
  • Failure to organise appropriate treatments.

Can I Make An Occupational Asthma Compensation Claim?

If you are unlucky enough to suffer from a medical professional’s errors, whether diagnosing or treating your cancer of the gullet, you may be able to claim for compensation. To successfully win a medical claim you will need to be able to prove that a mistaken diagnosis or treatment caused a worsening of your symptoms. At Asons, we have a team of expert medical solicitors who can make the process easier, building a claim which is hard to defend against. You must be quick, though. There is often a three-year time limit in which you can make a compensation claim after you have been harmed. However, there are exceptions.

Our solicitors can provide expert claim advice in a FREE consultation if you are unsure; simply call 01204 521 133.

Why should I make a compensation claim?

Many people tend to feel guilty about claiming for compensation, telling themselves that it would be unfair to claim against NHS workers who have made an error. While it is true that all humans make mistakes, doctors and nurses do have a duty of care to you to ensure you receive the correct treatment. And when they fail in that duty, particularly in the case of cancers, the results can be devastating. Cancer misdiagnosis may leave you permanently distressed or disabled, or may result in the loss of a loved one. But compensation is a legal way to help you overcome challenges which weren’t your fault. You should never feel guilty about making a claim: it is never a personal attack, but targeted at the NHS Litigation Authority.

If you’d like to know more about the reasons people don’t claim, and how we can help, read Eight Reasons Why People Who Should Claim for Compensation, Don’t!

How Much Will I Get?

Everyon’e’s claim is entirely different, so it is difficult to advise accurately. However, our Medical Negligence Compensation Calculator  may provide a rough estimate of what you may receive. These estimates are based on your injuries and also other factors, such as psychological problems and missed time at work.

Our Experience of Handling Claims for Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

Asons are experts in dealing with claims for compensation of this kind. Our cancer misdiagnosis claims solicitors can assess your case quickly and effectively  In fact, we can offer you honest, straight-forward advice about the likelihood of claim success in just a matter of minutes. So give us a call – we’re here to help!

Are Gullet Cancer Claims No Win No Fee?

Yes.  At Asons Solicitors, we wanted to take the risk out of making a medical claim for all of our clients. We believe everybody should have a way to achieve justice, regardless of their finances. So, when claiming with us you will find no up front fees, unexpected costs, and you will not have to pay the expenses of the defending side. Before any legal proceedings are undertaken, your medical negligence claim will be considered by our expert cancer misdiagnosis team. You will then be told whether your case can proceed on a no win no fee basis, which happens about 98% of the time.

Why Choose Asons for My Oesophageal Cancer Claims?

At Asons, not only do we have a fantastic track record of getting our clients results, but we’re also keen to make sure they are happy with our service. It’s our job to make the process of making a claim with us as easy and quick as possible.

To do this, we:

  • avoid the complicated legal jargon wherever we can, so you know exactly what we’re doing and what you’ll need at each stage of the process.
  • give you a dedicated claims handler, who will be your point of contact from the beginning to the end of the claim.
  • Ensure you know what’s happening with the case as it progresses, explaining things in a clear and concise manner.
  • Be available to answer questions or simply chat whenever you need us. We’re only a phonecall away.

To get started, all you need to do is call 01204 521 133, use live chat, or fill in a claim form. We’ll get back in touch with you as soon as we can. 

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