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Midwife Negligence Compensation Claims

When Can Midwife Negligence Occur?

The vast majority of midwives provide an excellent service to mothers across the UK; however, the small few that do make errors in treatment cause serious, yet avoidable consequences.

A non-exhaustive list of the types of birth injury to mother or child which have previously been ruled to have been caused by midwife negligence includes:

Perhaps the most serious condition midwife negligence may cause is cerebral palsy,  a preventable disability that may be caused by asphyxiation during child birth; when the baby is left in the birth canal for too long, or when forceps are improperly utilised. Cerebral palsy can cause severe life-long intellectual disabilities, which may require expensive equipment and care, as well as the need for the parents’ constant time and attention to manage the individual’s needs. Where midwife negligence has caused all these problems, a midwife negligence compensation claim may be warranted.

A midwife helps to deliver a baby.

Another common example is the baby’s development of congenital hip dysplasia, a genetic condition of the hip joint. It is the midwife’s duty to screen new-born children for congenital hip dysplasia, and conduct further tests at 6 months, and during other routine developmental checks. The condition must be caught early for a good prognosis to be made.

However, if the midwife healthcare professionals provide a misdiagnosis or do not diagnose the condition altogether before a baby starts to walk, the prognosis is likely to be much more serious – possibly requiring complicated surgery, lifelong complications and additional care and equipment needs.

The failures of a midwife in these cases and others have caused great difficulty, and thus may be grounds for a medical negligence claim to be filed. Such a claim could secure the necessary compensation to secure the future of a child.

Our Midwife Negligence Experience

Errors arising from midwife negligence may hold dire repercussions for patients. At Asons, we understand what negligence is, and the detrimental effect it has on victims. The consequences may not just be physical – potential financial difficulties where time is taken off work must also be considered, and the ensuing stress may elicit negative psychological consequences.
We know that victims are often hesitant to come forward with their claims. As midwife negligence solicitors it’s our job to do everything within our means to make the process as straightforward as possible.



Coping with the aftermath of the birthing injuries which commonly result from midwife negligence is often extremely traumatic and may cause a number of negative consequences in all aspects of the victim’s life. Our guide to Coping With Infant Birthing Injuries was written to help individuals come to terms with what has happened and to find the support they need.

Be Quick…

As with any claim, you may be worried about the potential costs of pursuing your midwife negligence case. To address this common concern, we have devised a variety of options to help you. We aid you in acquiring all the assistance that you are entitled to, whilst managing the resulting compensation in the most beneficial way possible. We must remind you to be quick, however, as there are time limits in place for making claims of this kind.

Next Steps

We deal with medical negligence claims on a regular basis. If you are suffering as a result of substandard treatment, you may be eligible to make a claim. Our medical malpractice team will work to gather all of the appropriate paperwork and documentation, whilst speaking to the parties involved to substantiate your claim.

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