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Occupational Asthma Caused By Laboratory Animals Compensation Claim

If you have contracted occupational asthma at work due to contact with laboratory animals, you may be able to make a ‘no win no fee’ claim for industrial disease compensation with us.

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What Is Occupational Asthma?

Occupational asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways characterised by a blocking of airflows leading to shortage of breath. A frustrating and dangerous condition, asthma can be triggered at work by the inhalation of irritants such as toxic dusts, gases, fumes, and vapours. One key cause of occupational asthma is handling lab animals. Animals can often emit a number of dusts which are detrimental to lung health, including animal fur, feathers, dander, saliva dusts, and dried urine.

Some people are unsure whether their case of asthma results from work or is hereditary. While hereditary cases of asthma have usually been diagnosed before a person reaches physical maturity, occupational cases may develop in later life. It may take a few months after exposure for occupational asthma symptoms to develop.

When Can I Make An Occupational Asthma Compensation Claim?

If you contract occupational asthma at work due to exposure to laboratory animals, and health and safety regulations were not adequately in place to prevent the disease developing, you can make a compensation claim. The claim relies on being able to prove that your developing the condition results from your employer’s negligence of health and safety best practices. This may sometimes be difficult. An experienced industrial disease solicitor can make the process easier, helping you build a case which will be difficult to defend against.

There is usually a three-year time limit after your diagnosis of asthma has been given in which you can make a compensation claim. It is vital that individuals suffering from asthma have their symptoms checked and diagnosed, and then begin the claims process as soon as possible. However, there are exceptions to the three year ruling. Our solicitors can provide expert occupational asthma claim advice in a free consultation if you are unsure.

What Responsibilities Do Employers Have To Prevent Occupational Asthma?

The Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health Regulations (COSHH) were written to ensure regulations to protect workers from negligent exposure to harmful materials such as chemicals, enzymes, and allergenic substances would be implemented nationwide. Under these regulations, your employer must remove or reduce the risk of exposure to hazardous substances as much as possible. In the case of lab animals, this means equipping you with appropriate respiratory protective equipment, ensuring rooms are well-aired, and providing training and regular health surveillance. If your exposure to an irritant has incurred or heightened the onset of asthma during work, and these measures weren’t in place or adequate, you may be entitled to claim compensation for occupational asthma due to their breach of COSHH.

How Much Occupational Asthma Compensation Will I Receive?

The amount of compensation paid out – not just in claims for occupational asthma, but in all industrial disease claims – is dependent on the circumstances and evidence available. Common factors which have an influence on how much you are paid depend on whether or not you showed symptoms of asthma prior to working for your employer, the protective measures your employer took to protect you, and the severity of your symptoms. Any evidence you can provide our solicitors with, such as the testimonies of co-workers who have also been diagnosed with asthma or other respiratory conditions, will often increase the chances of success in your industrial disease claim.

All our industrial disease claims take into account actual, medically-proven pain and suffering and the extent, any loss of earnings caused, and the psychological effects of being let down by someone you have trusted to safeguard your health. At Asons, we pride ourselves on unparalleled transparency. When you begin the claims procedure, your solicitor will provide you with an ideal figure and a realistic minimum estimate of your winnings. You will be kept up to date with any changes as the case progresses.

Are Occupational Asthma Claims No Win No Fee?

Yes. At Asons Solicitors, we wanted to take the risk out of making an occupational asthma claim for all of our clients, allowing everyone an access to justice, regardless of their financial situation. When claiming with us for occupational asthma compensation, you will find no upfront fees, unexpected costs, and no risk of paying the expenses of the defending side. Before any legal proceedings are undertaken, your occupational asthma claim will be considered by our expert occupational asthma solicitors. You will be told whether your case can proceed on a no win no fee basis, but roughly 98% of the claims we take on are ‘no win no fee’.

Why Choose Asons For My Asthma Claim?

If you have contracted occupational asthma due to contact with lab animals at work, or these have made an existing condition worse, you should get in touch with an experienced industrial disease solicitor. Asthma claims are often fiercely defended and difficult to prove. This means that expert legal assistance is required to navigate the legislation and build a strong case with limited evidence. Successful cases require a lot of work in gathering evidence, liaising with insurance companies, and organising court proceedings. Asons’ legal experts pride themselves on their empathy and approachability, and are here to do the work for you. With decades of experience, our no win no fee lawyers’ success rate is unparalleled. They will look to secure the compensation results you deserve – both now and in future.

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