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Solvent Exposure Compensation Claim

Solvents give off fumes that easily evaporate into the air and can then be inhaled. In addition, they can also be absorbed through the skin or accidentally swallowed if they are mistaken for another liquid.

Regardless of which solvent you have been exposed to or what method, you should discuss making a compensation claim against your employer as a response to your health being affected by them unnecessarily. Asons Solicitors would manage a claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and are experts in providing a stress-free legal experience.

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Have You Become Unwell due to Solvent Exposure?

There are several industries within which the heavy use of solvents puts employees at risk, including the manufacture of chemicals, ink, rubber, textiles and footwear, plus the construction, engineering, printing and woodworking trades. Once employees within such industries have been made subject to solvents and their vapours, the physical effects can include:

  • Eye irritation
  • Headache
  • Light-headedness
  • Lung irritation
  • Nausea
  • Psychological issues
  • Skin irritation (e.g. irritant dermatitis)
  • Sleep disorders

In addition, if someone is made to feel light-headed and clumsy due to solvent inhalation, they might make a mistake while handling tools, etc. and be involved in an accident that causes injury. Excessive inhalation of solvent vapours can even cause a blackout or in extreme cases, death. They should be treated with caution, as the effects of the vapours are similar to excessive consumption of strong, overwhelming alcohol. Solvents should never be underestimated.

The long term side-effects to health can also include damage to the brain, kidneys, liver, nervous system or reproductive system.

If any of these symptoms are familiar to you or have been identified by your GP, Asons Solicitors are eager to discuss any workplace-based instances of exposure to solvents. Then we can establish whether you have a case for a solvent exposure compensation claim against an employer/former employer. Our helpful and knowledgeable professionals are here to listen and offer advice.

Can I Make a Claim for Solvent Exposure?

Your former or current employer should have considered whether the solvents being used in the workplace needed to be used or if they could have been substituted with a material that posed less of a hazard. You may have been using any of the following during that employment which would have contributed towards the ill effects of solvent exposure: adhesives, inks, ink removers, paints, paint removers, lacquers, varnishes, pesticides and toiletries.

Even without replacing solvents with ‘safer’ alternatives, there were other measures that would have safeguarded the workforce, such as providing adequate ventilation, securing solvents in suitable storage and dispensers, or even applying solvents with a brush rather than via spraying. In addition, personal protective clothing such as goggles, gloves and masks should have been available and their use encouraged.

Even if the solvent exposure was in the distant past, any current health problems that can be linked to the exposure should be documented and considered as grounds for making a claim for solvent exposure compensation. Employers are legally bound to protect workers from the effects of solvents under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.

Asons Solicitors can operate a solvent exposure compensation case on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis that will reduce the financial risk for yourself.

Contact Asons directly through the “Any questions…?” box at the bottom left of this webpage and we can explain further in an informal webchat, totally free of charge.

Our Solvent Exposure Compensation Claims Experience

Asons has several teams of industrial disease solicitors and support staff that work exclusively on industrial disease claims, including those for solvent exposure. Contact us if you have had an illness diagnosed that has been attributed to exposure to solvents in the workplace. Our industrial disease compensation teams will devote their time to you and your claim, including a specialist that will be your direct contact. They aim to win you the solvent exposure compensation that will make your life as a sufferer a little easier, and restore the balance of justice in your favour.

Asons is a leading law firm within the field of industrial disease claims. This is because we are passionate about winning our clients’ legal claims, as our five-star rated feedback from our clients shows.

How Do I Make a Solvent Exposure Claim?

It’s much easier to open a solvent exposure claim than you might think. After consulting a medical professional for a diagnosis and noting the details of your work history, Asons can take that information and establish a claim for solvent exposure compensation. Asons take care of the hard work on your behalf. We have various claim arrangements options to help you, including a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement that makes the process stress-free. Asons provide all the support with the claim that a client could need and expertly progress each claim towards the best conclusion possible.

The next step…

If solvent exposure has negatively impacted on your health, call Asons and your industrial disease claim will be dealt with in a professional manner. If your employer’s health and safety negligence meant that your health was compromised, explore a claim with Asons as soon as possible to discuss this with us. There is a three year statute of limitations on making claims that begin from when ill health due to a work environment became apparent, so do not hesitate. Our industrial disease solicitors will work on all aspects of your case, removing the stresses of chasing paperwork, establishing and conducting communications and making a negotiation for a settlement.

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