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Silicosis Compensation Claim

Silicosis is a very serious illness that occurs when a person is exposed to silica dust. If you are diagnosed with silicosis, you may be entitled to make a silicosis compensation claim against your employer and their insurers. Asons Solicitors want to hear from you if this is the case and could work on your claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

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Have You Been Diagnosed with Silicosis?

Silicosis is an incurable but entirely preventable condition that is a result of inhaling silica dust. Although it is rare in modern day Britain, this occupational disease has afflicted industrial employees that have come into contact with dust as a result of, for example, mining and quarrying. Small particles of this dust become embedded in the lungs and can never be removed, leading to scarred lung tissue that cannot operate properly. Breathing problems, coughing and even lung cancer can be a result as well as shortening of life expectancy.

A silicosis condition will have begun long before a diagnosis of the illness has been made. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 reduced the number of cases that are seen each year by making safety measures compulsory, but in 2010, 13 people died from silicosis and in 2011, 50 new cases were granted Industrial Injuries Disability Benefit.

Our legal experts are aware of precisely what employers are compelled to do so that they protect employees from dangerous dust particles entering their lungs, and what the consequences are for failing to do so. That means we are able to assess whether or not they met their duty of care to you, or if a failing on their part has caused you harm. If your employer has let you down and caused your illness, we can handle your silicosis compensation claim.

Asons Solicitors, can champion your cause on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and see that you are recompensed for the suffering your job has caused you.

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How Do I Know I Can Make a Claim for Silicosis Compensation?

Employers that have industrial environments in which stone dust is common should be providing the following:

  • Risk assessments to gauge whether the environment is potentially harmful
  • Personal protective equipment for you to wear
  • Training in best practices so that safety procedures are adhered to

If an employer has been negligent in these precautions, and you have contracted positively-diagnosed silicosis according to a doctor’s opinion, then a silicosis compensation claim can be made and Asons Solicitors are the ideal law firm to deal with this claim. Even if an employer has closed down, a claim can still be considered as it will be made against that firm’s insurance company. The employer no longer existing should not been seen as a barrier to a silicosis compensation claim.

There is a time limit for claims to be initiated according to law, and a silicosis compensation claim should be made within three years of the symptoms for this industrial disease appearing. If a past or present work environment has failed in their duty of care towards you, contact Asons Solicitors to make a confidential query, without charge.

Our Silicosis Compensation Claims Experience

Our industrial disease solicitors have years of experience in bringing silicosis claims against employers. It is our mission to create your claim and pro-actively help you to get the justice you deserve. The silicosis compensation that we help you to win can go a long way towards any necessary treatment and care that may be needed while dealing with the illness.

Asons is not an ordinary law firm. We approach every case with determination and drive as if it were our first, and make sure that the process of making a silicosis compensation claim is as easy as it can possibly be for our clients.

There’s no Time like the Present…

What might be holding you back? When an employer has been negligent in applying their health and safety policies, and the effect on your health has been life-changing, take control. If you are concerned about the potential costs of pursuing a silicosis compensation case, we have a variety of options to assist you, including a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement that reduces any risk on your part. Asons are here to help, both with the legal and the financial details. There is one final reason to be decisive: there is a statutory time limit of three years within which to make a claim. The clock starts running once it has been established that your workplace environment has caused silicosis.

Next Steps

People come to Asons when they need an industrial disease claim handled in a professional manner. If you feel that your employer has let you down, you may be eligible to make a claim and should contact Asons to see if this is the case. Our industrial disease solicitors will manage all aspects of the case, including the documentation, communication and negotiations, and build your claim to the most favourable resolution.

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