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Respiratory Claims

Respiratory illnesses can be contracted through the course of past or present work, with those working in industrial industries considered to be most at risk. Employers are often liable to pay compensation to those they failed to protect.

Asons’ industrial disease compensation claims solicitors constantly manage suitable claims on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. The additional stress that comes with worrying about a costly legal bill is not something that Asons wants to burden our clients with.

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Have You Contracted a Respiratory Disease at Work?

There are many different industrial professions within which employees can become subject to dust and fumes. Without the proper personal safety equipment, ventilation or extraction devices, these airborne particles can be breathed in and cause irreparable lung damage. Irritants might also exacerbate a lung condition. Specific particles and substances cause a single specific illness or contribute to a range of diseases, as opposed to all particles being liable to cause lung cancer. Exposure to asbestos dust can lead to asbestosis, lung cancer or mesothelioma development and working with mouldy crops can lead to the contraction of one condition in particular, Farmer’s Lung. The below list is not comprehensive and lists just some of the respiratory diseases for which Asons Solicitors can represent a client in a respiratory compensation claim:

Here is a brief summary of each of the conditions listed above:

COPD Claims and Compensation

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) arises as a result of inhaling one or a number of a variety of dangerous particles or gases for long periods. Smoking is the main cause of COPD, but there are also professions (such as construction, agriculture and masonry) that will bring workers into contact with the likes of grain, mineral or cadmium dusts, welding fumes or other harmful dusts or gases. If you are sure that your workplace environment has resulted in you contracting COPD, then you should investigate launching a COPD compensation claim.

Emphysema Compensation

Emphysema is an incurable respiratory condition that leaves sufferers short of breath, fatigued and afflicted by a cough. It can also worsen over time. The disease develops because of inhalation of harmful substances, whether that may be cigarette smoke, dust or fumes. Coal miners, dry cleaners, and engineers have an increased incidence rate of emphysema due to their working conditions, which may expose them to industrial pollutants like welding fumes, textile dust, coal dust, and silica dust. If breathing in such substances has given you emphysema, we may be able to help you claim industrial disease compensation.

Farmer’s Lung Claims

Farmer’s Lung occurs after repeated inhalation of dust containing spores or moulds often found on mouldy crops. The spores are not infectious but they contain antigens that trigger an allergic reaction. The severity of an allergic attack depends on the worker’s sensitivity and the quantity of dust inhaled. If your GP diagnoses you with Farmer’s Lung, waste no time in speaking to one of our Solicitors at Asons about filing for Farmer’s Lung compensation today.

Occupational Asthma Compensation Claim

The list of substances that can potentially cause occupational asthma is extensive. These include soybean dust, latex, coffee bean dust, papain and egg proteins. While not as serious as some other lung conditions that might arise due to working conditions, asthma is still an unpleasant and unwanted result of lax health and safety measures with an industrial environment.

Phurnacite Claims

Smokeless fuel phurnacite was previously assumed to be harmless, but it has been discovered that inhaling the fumes and coal dust, that are generated during the production process, has increased the risk of contracting a lung condition or even lung cancer. Employers that are in the phurnacite industry now have a duty of care to minimise any risks to their employees by adhering to strict health and safety procedures and issuing compulsory personal protective equipment.

Silicosis Compensation

Silica dust emerges from various types of stone and rocks once they are cut and refined for use in manufacturing, fuel production or construction. Silicosis occurs after an employee inhales this dust. The victim’s lung tissue becomes permanently thickened and scarred, a condition named fibrosis of the lung. The sufferer experiences shortness of breath, coughs, fatigue and chest pains, as well as being more open to chest infections and a reduced life expectancy.

Solvent Exposure Claims

Solvents emit fumes that can linger the air and easily be inhaled. They are also dangerous when applied to the skin or even swallowed if someone mistakes a solvent for a drinkable fluid. Your employer is responsible for ensuring that your health is not affected negatively by the workplace use of solvents.

Asons Solicitors can manage a solvent exposure claim on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis and our legal professionals provide a stress-free claims experience.

Asons Solicitors want to hear from you if you want to make a legal claim against your workplace, regardless of which type of respiratory illness you have developed as a result of the work you have been involved in. Our legal professionals are ready to listen and offer advice.

Can I Make a Claim for Respiratory Compensation?

After inhaling a harmful substance at work, you may have felt some irritation to your mouth and throat in advance of there being any ill effects on your lungs. The first symptoms can include a nagging cough, a fever or what you might interpret as cold or flu symptoms. The key signs of a respiratory disease, which should really alert you to a problem that requires attention, would be lung-related. They include breathing problems, wheezing, fatigue and a tightness of the chest.

If a medical practitioner has diagnosed that you are suffering with a respiratory disease and you are prepared to link that illness to a substance within your work, you could be able to claim compensation damages. The next step, after acquiring that medical evidence, is to work with a solicitor to establish your employer’s negligence in workplace health and safety matters. It is a legal requirement upon employers that they meet expected standards to protect you and your colleagues from any threat to health that substances in the workplace might pose to employees.

The compensation is also of a binary nature; one part to offer damages based on the medical account of your condition and which considers your suffering and enforced lifestyle changes. The other is a restoration of the financial position you would have arrived at had you not contracted, or had aggravated, your respiratory disease. This will reimburse medical costs and give you help if your employment was disrupted or terminated.

Our Respiratory Compensation Claims Experience

Asons employs several teams of industrial disease lawyers that work exclusively on industrial disease cases, including those for the full range of workplace-related respiratory illnesses. Contact Asons if you have received a disease diagnosis from a doctor which confirms that a workplace environment has been responsible. Our industrial disease compensation experts can be relied upon to support you and your to champion your claim. Their objective is to win you the respiratory compensation that will make your life more bearable, and provide you with the justice that is your right. At Asons, we delve deep into every case and study the situation to become completely informed on the detailed circumstances. If we can determine the dust or fumes which your employer wilfully subjected you to have caused you to become ill, and we can establish that they were negligent in providing protective equipment to prevent such an illness, we could see that you are compensated for the damage that has been done to your lungs and your quality of life.

How Do I Make a Respiratory Compensation Claim?

It’s entirely reasonable to assume that any work provided to an employer should not come with a respiratory disease as an added drawback. Contact Asons Solicitors and appoint us to pursue a claim against your current or previous employer. We have several claim management options to assist our clients, including a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement. Our client testimonials and online reviews speak volumes about just how dedicated our staff are to making a successful claim on your behalf. Trust Asons to handle it for you. This also applies if it is a family member that has since passed away as a result of contracting a respiratory disease. You should enquire about making a posthumous claim that compensates you for having lost a loved one to a lung disease when their employer has been to blame.

What next?

Our industrial disease solicitors work on all of the necessary documentation surrounding your case, contact all the parties involved such as your employer’s insurers and your doctor, and then construct a solid claim. For free, professional advice on pursuing a respiratory claim, contact Asons and begin the journey towards earning the damages that you deserve.

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