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BT Engineers Hearing Loss Claims

What Is Noise Induced Hearing Loss And How Does It Happen?

Noise-induced hearing loss, or industrial deafness as it used to be called, is just what it sounds like – hearing loss that’s been caused by excessive exposure to noise. NIHL can happen either instantly, as a result of an extremely loud sudden sound, or gradually, taking years to become apparent.  The cause might be a one-off loud noise, such as a explosion in close proximity, or by continual exposure to moderately loud noises, damaging the hearing over a period of time, such as regular use of industrial machinery. It can affect just one ear or both at the same time.

Plus, hearing loss is irreversible: once your hearing is gone, it is gone for good. The University of Manchester’s Audiology and Deafness department concluded that noise exposure was ‘the main cause of preventable hearing loss’ worldwide. When an employer has exposed you to loud noises without giving you adequate protection, you may be able to make a compensation claim. BT are one of the employers known to have put their employees at risk of this type of damage.

When Can I Make A Hearing Loss Claim Against BT?

You should be provided PPE as a BT Engineer to prevent hearing loss

If you have worked as an engineer for BT, and now think that you might have hearing loss, your chances of being able to claim for compensation may be higher than most. BT have made the admission that the green and unmodified yellow tone sets they gave their workers, which emitted excessively high noise levels whilst ‘pairing out tones’, could have caused damage to many engineers’ hearing. In legal terms, this is an ‘admission of liability’ – the company has held their hands up and said that the harm caused here was their fault. What this means is that a claim made by anyone who has used the sets, and are suffering from hearing loss, is likely to be compensated.

But you will still need a good lawyer to fight your case for the best possible results, using all the evidence that is to hand. Our industrial disease team are available to talk over your situation, even if you’re not too sure whether or not you have a claim. Call us now on 01204 521 133, message us on live chat, or fill in a callback form to get started.

How much is your Hearing Loss Claim Against BT worth?

It’s always difficult to give an accurate estimate in legal cases, as the context tends to change drastically between each new claim we take on. In this case, it might depend heavily on how much protective equipment BT provided you with, whether or not you were informed of the risks, and how much exposure you received. However, we can tell you that in the past, claims for hearing loss have ranged betweeen £5,000 – £40,000 in compensation payouts.

Compensation for BT Engineers

Over many years of service, our specialist industrial deafness solicitors have overseen countless hearing loss cases. If you believe you have a claim for hearing loss compensation, we can advise whether or not you have a case from the very beginning.

Our solicitors have a wealth of experience surrounding hearing loss claims. Working at the cutting edge of personal injury case law, they can use their insight to gain the greatest possible outcome for you. Compensation can help cover the cost of treatment for tinnitus therapy and the future cost of hearing aids; safeguarding your future.

Is There A Time Limit For Making A Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claim?

As with many different types of law, making a claim for loss of hearing at work has a time limit, to prevent claims being made far too long after your diagnosis. This is because if you leave it too late, your case can be very difficult to prove. In legal terms, we call this a ‘statute of limitation’.

UK hearing loss claims should be brought within three years of being told you have a condition linked to noise exposure. In the case of BT having admitted liability, this may be slightly longer in your case as a former engineer for the company, but as a general rule, you should come forward as quickly as possible if you know you have been done wrong. If you have a noise related condition, contact our no win no fee industrial deafness solicitors today to find out whether financial compensation may be an option for you.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Resources

Asons’ experts on NIHL have put together a comprehensive resource which details statistics and causes of noise induced hearing loss, and details how to cope after a diagnosis alongside a list of valuable resources, called ‘Noise-Induced Hearing Loss – Do You Suffer?’.

Be Quick…

As with many industrial deafness cases, making a claim for hearing loss compensation requires expert legal assistance. The earlier a solicitor becomes involved in your case, the greater the chances of making a successful claim.

There are time limits in place for making industrial deafness claims of this kind, and legal proceedings must be issued by the third anniversary of your ‘date of knowledge’ (This is the date your hearing problems became associated with the use of the tone set equipment).

Next Steps

We pride ourselves on our provision of first-class legal advice and support. Our team of specialist hearing loss solicitors have a wealth of expertise, and knowledge, that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. For free, expert advice on pursuing a hearing loss claim, call us today on 01204 521133.

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