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Hearing Loss Claims

While many of us may take our hearing for granted, the truth is that our ears are extremely sensitive and delicate. The simple ability to hear is often at risk in everyday life, and many people are shocked to find that the conditions of their working environments have caused irreversible hearing loss, which is described as being ‘noise induced’. If you have been exposed to dangerous levels of noise at work, causing or exacerbating deafness or other symptoms, you have the right to claim for hearing loss compensation against the employer who allowed that to happen to you.

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What Is Noise Induced Hearing Loss And How Does It Happen?

You should be provided PPE to prevent noise induced hearing loss
Noise-induced hearing loss, or industrial deafness as it is sometimes known, is just what it sounds like – hearing loss that’s been caused by excessive exposure to noise. NIHL can happen either instantly, as a result of an extremely loud sudden sound, or gradually, taking years to become apparent. Causes range from a one-off loud noise, such as a explosion in close proximity, or by continual exposure, damaging the hearing over a period of time, such as regular use of industrial machinery. It can affect just one ear or both at the same time.

Plus, hearing loss is irreversible: once your hearing is gone, it is gone for good. The University of Manchester’s Audiology and Deafness department concluded that noise exposure was ‘the main cause of preventable hearing loss’ worldwide. When an employer has exposed you to loud noises without giving you adequate protection, you may have a compensation claim for hearing loss to make.

Is My Employer To Blame For My Noise Induced Hearing Loss?

There was a time when coping with the effects of loud noise in certain professions was to be brushed off, considered ‘just part of the job’. Times have changed since then, and now all employers are given stringent guidelines by the UK government on how to protect their workers from noise induced hearing loss.

Now, if noise at work has the potential to cause you harm, employers must provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and instruction on its proper use, as well as organising for breaks from noise exposure. For specific details on the current laws, you can visit the HSE website. If you get industrial deafness, it probably means one or more of the legal requirements have not been properly followed. This may mean you can make a compensation claim.

Are Claims For Hearing Loss No Win No Fee?

Absolutely, yes.  At Asons Solicitors, we wanted to take the risk out of making an industrial disease claim for all of our clients, so that everyone would be allowed access to justice, regardless of their financial situation. What is ‘no win no fee’? It is what it sounds like! It is the promise that you won’t pay a penny until we know your case will be successful. That means no upfront fees, no unexpected costs, and no risk of paying the expenses of the defending side. Before any legal proceedings are undertaken, your hearing loss claim will be considered by our expert industrial disease solicitors. Roughly 98% of our clients’ claims are handled in this way.

Is There A Time Limit For Making A Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claim?

As with many different types of law, making a claim for loss of hearing at work has a time limit, to prevent claims being made far too long after your diagnosis (which makes the case harder to prove). In legal terms, we call this a ‘statute of limitation’.

UK hearing loss claims should be brought within three years of being told you have a condition linked to noise exposure. If you have a noise related condition, contact our no win no fee industrial deafness solicitors today to find out whether financial compensation may be an option for you.

How Much Noise Induced Hearing Loss Compensation Will I Receive?

The amount of compensation paid out – not just in claims for noise induced hearing loss, but in all industrial disease claims – is dependent on the circumstances and evidence available. Common things which might change how much you receive are factors like your level of hearing prior to working for your employer, the things your employer did to protect you, and the severity of your symptoms and the lifestyle changes they have forced. Any extra evidence you can give our lawyers, such as the testimonies of co-workers who have also been diagnosed with industrial deafness, will often increase the chances of success in your claim for hearing loss.

All our industrial disease claims take into account medically-proven pain and suffering, any loss of earnings caused, and the psychological effects of being let down by someone you have trusted to look after your health. At Asons, we pride ourselves on transparency. From starting your claim to final settlement, you will be kept up to date with any changes as the case progresses. And, if you need anything, we’re just a phone call away.

Why Choose Asons For My Industrial Deafness Claim?

If you have contracted noise hearing loss due to unnecessary exposure to loud noise at work, you should immediately contact an experienced industrial disease solicitor. Why? Well, noise induced hearing loss claims are often well defended and difficult to prove. Expert legal assistance can help you build a strong case with limited evidence, using a deep knowledge of British law.

With decades of experience, our no win no fee lawyers’ success rate is unparalleled when it comes to claims for noise induced hearing loss. Get in touch today and find out whether you could claim with us.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Resources

Asons’ experts on NIHL have put together a comprehensive resource which explains more about industrial deafness and how to cope after your diagnosis called ‘Noise-Induced Hearing Loss – Do You Suffer?’.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) provides plenty of helpful information regarding noise at work; along with printable material for use in the work place. Other useful information and advice groups include: British Tinnitus Association, Royal National Institute for Deaf People, Deafness Research UK, British Deaf Association, National Association of Deafened People.

Call Asons on 01204 896744, message us on live chat or fill in a contact form to learn how to begin claiming accident compensation for noise induced hearing loss, completely free of charge.

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