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Asbestos Related Disease Claims

Research done over the past few decades confirms one thing: asbestos is deadly!

If you’ve been exposed to asbestos in the past, you will now be facing the likelihood of suffering from that exposure, years later. Your old employer should have made sure that you were protected from asbestos by giving you access to the specialist safety equipment and the training to go with it.

If you were not given this, and you’ve now been formally diagnosed, by a medical professional, with an asbestos-related disease, you could be entitled to make a no win, no fee asbestos compensation claim, due to being harmed through no fault of your own.

Speak to one of our experienced Asbestos claims advisors today! It’s free of charge and there’s no obligation.  Call us on 01204 521 133 or chat with us now on live chat. Alternatively, you can fill in one of our claims forms or use our Compensation Calculator, and we’ll call you back at a time to suit you.

What Illnesses Does Exposure to Asbestos Cause?

If you’ve been exposed to asbestos you could now be susceptible to a number of illnesses. If you’ve only been exposed to a small amount, you could suffer from pleural plaques. These usually have no symptoms, and are not life threatening. More serious exposure leads to more serious diseases, such as asbestosismesotheliomapleural thickening and lung cancer. These are all incurable, and can endanger your life if not expertly managed. Their severity varies. Pleural thickening causes thickening of the lungs without noticeable symptoms (although they can develop and worsen over time), while at the other end of the scale, mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer which is exclusively caused by asbestos exposure and is fatal.

Why Should I Make An Asbestos Related Disease Claim?

If you’ve been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, it’s likely that you’re already at a late stage. Because the damage can take years to show up, if you have symptoms that are showing, such as feeling breathless without having exercised, your disease is likely to be quite far advanced. Maybe you are already too ill to work, or you need some help with everyday chores because of breathlessness. If this sounds like you, contact us to talk about how we can help you.

Our no win, no fee asbestos lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with asbestos claims for compensation in the UK. So, we’ll be able to tell you quickly and easily whether you can make a claim or not.

If you can make a claim, the compensation amount we’ll work to secure for you will include money to help you pay your everyday costs, such as shopping and bills. It’s also to cover the costs of any medical treatment, specialist care or equipment you may require as the disease progresses.

It can also be used to help those who care for you. If your loved ones or friends also act as carers, you could use some of the money to pay for respite care. That way you will both get a break.

Is There A Time Limit For Making An Asbestos Claim?

As with many different types of law, making a claim for asbestos has a time limit, to prevent claims being made far too long after your diagnosis (which makes the case harder to prove). In legal terms, we call this a ‘statute of limitation’.

UK asbestos claims should be brought within three years of being told you have a disease linked to exposure. If you have an asbestos related disease, contact our no win, no fee solicitors today to find out whether financial compensation may be an option for you.

How Does Claiming For Asbestos Compensation Work?

Normally, an asbestos-related disease claim can be a complex process. Firstly, you need to get a medical report by an expert in respiratory diseases, to prove that you have a disease linked to asbestos. This might be as a result of having undergone a respiratory test and a chest x-ray or scan at a hospital with a specialist in chest problems. Then, it is on you to prove three things (with our help): that your disease was caused by asbestos exposure at your workplace, your employer knew about the danger, and that he or she did nothing to protect you from it. This requires knowledge of the law, particularly the guidelines for your industry’s health and safety procedures.

When you’re suffering from asbestos-related illness, the last thing you need is the burden of trying to manage a complex legal case on top of your new health concerns. That’s where we come in. Our expert team of asbestos lawyers take on the hard work on your behalf, keeping you up to speed with every new development, and ensuring you get the results you deserve. Aside from answering a few questions, the aim is that you won’t have to lift a finger.

Asons Keep it Simple With Asbestos Claims!

At Asons, we like to keep it simple. We promise to:

  • use simple, straight-forward English wherever possible. We can’t avoid using some legal speak, but we try to keep it to a minimum. We do this so people understand more about what‘s going on with their case
  • provide you with a personal asbestos claims handler. They’ll deal with your case, from the beginning, right through to the end. Sometimes, however, changing your case handler is unavoidable. If this happens, you will be kept fully informed about who will be taking over your case and why
  • keep you informed, on a regular basis, on the status of your case. You’ll be updated on how’s it’s progressing, in a clear and concise manner
  • be available when you need us. We feel it’s important that you’re able to contact us, to ask questions or for an explanation, whenever you want updates on your claim for asbestos compensation

In short, we’ll make the claiming process as simple and easy-to-understand, as we possibly can.

‘No Win, No Fee’

Many people don’t want to start an asbestos compensation claim because they think it will be expensive. That would be true – if we didn’t operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis with 98% of our cases. As part of our promise to keep things simple, we will not expect you to pay a penny, as all of our costs are taken from the final settlement. If, for whatever reason, your case cannot progress as ‘no win, no fee’, our asbestos lawyers will explain the route you’d have to take, before you agree to anything.

More about ‘no win, no fee’.

Be Quick…

A ‘statute of limitations’ is applied to claims for personal injury compensation. This means that claims for asbestos compensation must be made from the time when you noticed symptoms such as breathlessness, or the date you were diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness by a medical professional who then confirmed the illness is due to exposure to asbestos.

Next Steps

All you need to do is contact us. We can advise on whether you can claim and on the chances of it being successful, quickly and easily. If we believe that your claim for asbestos compensation will be successful, and you want to go ahead, we can start right away. Get in touch today and receive the compensation you are owed – call us on 01204 521 133, request a callback, or message Asons on live chat to get started.

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