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Industrial Disease Claims

At Asons our Industrial Disease Solicitors offer a FREE consultation to those who feel they’ve been neglected by their employer. No matter what type of illness you have developed while at work, we can help. You can call us on 01204 521133 and explain your situation, or request a callback and our expert team can contact you to give you free legal advice.

What is Industrial Disease?

Industrial disease is an illness that an employee has contracted while going about their daily work duties. It can come in many forms, ranging from a cancer, to a skin condition, hearing loss or a lung condition. An employer is guilty of allowing employees to acquire an industrial disease if the work environment contains factors (e.g. dust, noise, fumes) that are harmful to health and the employer could have put processes or equipment in place to limit that exposure, but did not. These could include safety features such as a dust extractor or personal protection equipment such as ear defenders or safety gloves. An Asons industrial disease solicitor is an expert in determining whether you have a claim to make against the employer who allowed its employees to be subjected to a life-changing illness.

So what happens if your employer fails to protect you?

An Industrial Disease claim may be made for construction vehicle accidents

If you have worked in poor conditions and developed an industrial disease, we can make your employer at the time answer for the bad health and safety measures they had in place. In doing so, you may also be improving the working standards for your place of work, since your boss or ex-boss will want to avoid future industrial disease claims being made against the.

If your job has unfairly affected your health, a claim for industrial disease compensation can assist you with the costs of any treatment and recovery. These damages are designed to help roll back your life to the state it was in prior to the illness.

  • Our Industrial Disease Solicitors offer a FREE consultation
  • We offer our assistance on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis
  • We can arrange home or hospital visits if you cannot attend meetings at our offices
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So if you have any questions, speak to us today, free of charge. You can also contact us through the ‘live chat’ facility on this website for a consultation. Alternatively, you can complete one of our enquiry forms or use our Compensation Calculator, and we’ll call you back.

Industrial Disease Claim Types:

Lungs suffering from an industrial disease

Asbestos Related Disease Claims

Now a banned substance, but asbestos was used in construction during decades previous and exposure to the dust from this mineral is deadly. It can also take decades for the effects to present themselves. Working with it frequently, and inhaling the dust when it is released, has led to instances of many serious diseases. If you have been affected in this way, you may be entitled to asbestos related disease compensation.

Hearing Loss Claims

Hearing loss might be something that we take for granted with age. Or we attribute to our own leisure pursuits, believing it to be self-inflicted, or simply a part of nature. It’s an employer’s responsibility to protect their employees’ hearing and occupational deafness is a genuine ailment for which you can be compensated. Noise induced hearing loss that has been acquired in engineering, coal mining, ship building and even from working in music events is something that we urge you to contact us about.

Mesothelioma Compensation Claims

This is a specific disease that occurs due to exposure to asbestos fibres. There are approximately 1,800 – 2,000 deaths every year in the UK due to mesothelioma, with the disease only making itself known 20 – 50 years after contact in the workplace. Clearly, this is an ongoing health problem. The close relatives of employees that have come into contact with asbestos are also at danger, since coming into contact with clothing ridden with asbestos fibres is as dangerous as working with the original material.

Other Industrial Disease Claims

There are a few instances in which employees acquire an injury or condition as a result of their working conditions, but the condition is not classified as a disease. These include being a victim of a personal injury, such as a work-related accident that leaves the victim with a long-term disability. A prominent example is the condition known as hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) which has also been known as vibration white finger (VWF). If your work has left you disabled, contact us to discuss a compensation claim.

Pneumoconiosis Claims

Pneumoconiosis is a term that covers a group of chest conditions including asbestosis, silicosis, miner’s lung and welder’s lung. People suffering with any of those conditions have weakened lungs and a reduced quality of life. You could be entitled to to make a claim for pneumoconiosis if you are suffering with one of these conditions from workplace airborne particles exposure.

Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

There are various different types of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) that can be incurred in the workplace, the most obvious and well-known being carpal tunnel syndrome. Any kind of forceful exertions (e.g. manual hammer use), exposure to vibrations (e.g. pneumatic drill use), repetitive tasks, or even lengthy periods spent in poor physical positions that damage posture can qualify as RSI. Whenever this happens, Asons can help you.

Respiratory Claims

There are many different respiratory conditions that can affect an industrial employee. These include COPD, emphysema, Farmer’s Lung, occupational asthma, phurnacite exposure, silicosis and solvent exposure. Dust and fumes that have been inhaled during industrial employments can cause everything from coughs and wheezing to lung cancer. All of these are unwanted consequences and should be considered for industrial disease compensation, regardless of the severity of the symptoms.

Work-Related Asthma Claims

People that have never previously suffered with asthma, or have not inherited it, may find that they newly acquire the condition due to the workplace inhalation of irritants such as gases, fumes, harmful dusts and vapours. The sufferer might find that they feel tight-chested, short of breath or even that the workplace irritant substance triggers asthma attacks. A work-related asthma compensation claim would be entirely justified if this were the case.

Work-Related Dermatitis Claims

At Asons we have award winning medical solicitors; who are so good, 95% of our clients would recommend us to friends and family. We currently have over 200 medical cases covering all aspects of medical negligence, from medical accidents resulting in death, to the misdiagnosis of broken bones as sprains or work related claims such as Dermatitis.

How Do I Make a Claim for Industrial Disease Compensation?

First, all you need to do is make that call or use the site’s Live Chat. We are here to help you. We can advise you on the strength of the claim, and if there is a solid case to be made, we can work for you on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. You can leave your details here on our site and we’ll call you back – alternatively, you can call us or type to use using the Live Chat feature on this site. A consultation with us is completely free of charge, without obligation.

What’s the next step for my workplace disease claim?

Our industrial disease solicitors manage the case, from the initial conversation with yourselves, to the final settlement being forwarded to you. We deal with the employer and the liability insurance firm that are involved and then build a solid claim for you. For free, professional advice on pursuing an industrial disease claim, contact
Asons now and take the first step to getting the industrial disease compensation that you deserve.

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