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Work Visa

Work Visas fall under several categories known as tiers. These tiers contain the different types of work visa that can be applied for. The explanations below will briefly explain the requirements for each of the different types of work visa within each tier.

Tier 1

Entrepreneur Visa: this visa allows migrants to enter the UK to start or buy a business here. You need capital funds of either £50,000 or £200,000 (depending on source of funds), a good understanding of the English language and additional funds to live on are all required to be eligible.

Exceptional Talent Visa: professionals such as scientists, engineers and doctors can apply for this visa.

General Visa: work visas can also be granted if the applicant reaches the required points level that can be met by meeting various different criteria. These include being fluent in English, having a university-level education and being financially independent.

Graduate Entrepreneur Visa: a post-study worker can apply for a Tier 1 visa if they are able to find work after graduation without the help of a sponsor employer.

Investor Visa: this visa is for wealthy individuals with a minimum of £2 million of funds to invest.

Tier 2

General Visa: this visa is for migrants that are taking a job offer. The job may be on the shortage occupation list or cannot be filled by a British national.

Intra-company: skilled workers that are moving from an overseas arm of a company to a UK branch are eligible for this visa.

Minister of Religion: a member of a religious organisation can move to the UK to fill a vacancy

Sportsperson: the finest sportspeople, such as premier league footballers or managers, can enter the UK to work in sport at the top level.

Tier 5

Tier 5 visas are temporary visas for people, especially young people, who want to work in the UK for a short space of time up to a maximum of two years. These can include charity workers, religious organisation members, those in creative and sports industries, those migrating under a government authorised exchange and those moving to the UK under an International Agreement. The Youth Mobility Scheme also helps young adults aged under 30 to enter the UK under a Tier 5 visa.

Other Work Visas

Turkish Businessperson: Turkish nationals that want to come to the UK to start a business or help to run a business can apply for this visa.

Turkish Worker: Turkish nationals can apply for a visa to continue to work in the UK after one year if they have a UK work permit, are a student or are married to a British national.

UK Ancestry: Commonwealth citizens and those who can give evidence that at least one grandparent was born in the UK can apply for a UK Ancestry Visa.

Croatian National Working in the UK: Croatian nationals can apply for one of a variety of registration certificates (blue, purple or yellow) to allow them to work in the UK. It’s a requirement that you must be able to study, work or be financially independent for at least three months.

Representative of an Overseas Business Visa: Employees of businesses that based outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland can visit the UK on this visa. The main criteria is that you are being sent to explore the possibility of setting up a branch of a company or are a member of the news media.

Employers – UK Visa Sponsorship: Employers can apply for a licence to bring in employees from outside the UK. If your business is eligible to do this, you need to choose the correct type of licence and nominate someone within the business to manage the visa applications.

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