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Tourist and Short Stay Visitor Visa

What are the different types of Tourist and Short Stay Visitor Visa?

The various visa types include the:

  • Marriage Visitor Visa
  • Parent of a Tier 4 (Student) Child Visa
  • Short-term Study Visa
  • Standard Visitor Visa
  • Visiting the UK in a Chinese Tour Group

Why do I need a Tourist and Short Stay Visitor Visa?

The Marriage Visitor Visa is a six month visa that is suitable for those who are visiting the UK just for their wedding or civil partnership ceremony and where there is no intention to remain in the UK beyond six months. UK entry clearance must always be obtained for this purpose.

Parents of a student aged under 12 years, and being privately educated, can visit the UK to see the child under a Parent of a Tier 4 (Student) Child Visa. The visa can last for up to 12 months. Parents must not work during this visit and must have sufficient funds to be able to support themselves during their stay.

Short-term Study Visas can be obtained, for those such as exchange students, to visit for a maximum of six months. They must have been accepted by an education institution, be financially self-sufficient for the period and be over 18. They must not work or stay longer than six months.

Standard Visitor Visas are ideal for a visitor that wants to stay in the UK without studying or setting up a business. The visit can be for a number of reasons, including visiting family or friends (for up to six months) or high-level business discussions such as transacting business, negotiating contracts or attending meetings. These types of work assignment must not include ‘blue collar’ employment tasks such as producing goods or providing a service. These are covered under the tiers of the points based system.

Visitors can stay for up to a month to give an academic lecture, play sport, give an artistic performance or provide legal advice and be paid by a UK-based employer. These are called permitted paid engagements.

However, a performer or sportsperson can also stay up to six months to participate in certain events and it can be possible to be paid for this work, upon careful consideration of the Home Office’s rules.

Chinese Nationals can visit the UK for tourism with the correct visa. The Approved Destinations Status (ADS) Agreement between the UK and China allows visits for tourism for a maximum of 30 days, and is exclusively for people travelling within a tour group that has been approved as part of the ADS agreement.

How do I apply for a Tourist and Short Stay Visitor Visa?

Telephone the tourism and short stay visitor immigration visa specialists at Asons Solicitors on 01204 894 866 from 9am until 5pm and we can explain the process in more detail.

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