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Sponsored Workers or Students

How can I Sponsor a worker or student to come to the UK?

Commercial employers must obtain a sponsorship licence to employ anyone from outside of Europe and Switzerland. Your workplace must pass eligibility criteria and then you must apply for either a Tier 2 (long-term skilled workers) or a Tier 5 (contracted skilled workers).

If you are an education sector employer and have four responsible members of staff, you can authorise those employees to manage the Tier 4 sponsorship of a foreign student. Your institution must have a Tier 4 sponsor licence from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI).

What Criteria must we meet to become a sponsor?

An employer must not have any unspent criminal convictions for anything related to immigration or any past sponsorship failures. Sponsored employees must be monitored by nominated employees as described below.

All education institutions must meet the required education standards as a result of a Tier 4 inspection and receive a suitable rating. All higher education institutions that apply must offer a short-term programme of study for foreign students.

How should I apply?

Nominate your employees for the following four roles as part of a sponsorship team. They must pass the UKVI checks for suitability first:

  • Authorising Officer – the senior person on the team and the one to monitor the system and the other team members’ actions
  • Key Contact – the liaison with UKVI for the processing of the licence application
  • Level 1 User – this person administrates the use of the licence from day to day using the Sponsorship Management System
  • Level 2 User – this SMS user has fewer system permissions than the Level 1 user

The immigration department of Asons Solicitors can also help you if you are sponsored and your sponsor has their licence revoked.

Call on 01204 894 866 between 9am and 5pm and Asons’ immigration department can help with the process of applying for a Certificate of Sponsorship as an employer or a sponsorship as a potential employee or student in the UK.

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