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EU, EEA and Commonwealth

What are the different types of EU, EEA and Commonwealth permits and Visas?

There are fewer restrictions on travel and migration for those that already reside in countries within the European Union, European Economic Area and the Commonwealth.

These permits and visa types include the opportunity to:

  • Apply for a UK Residence Card
  • Apply for a Derivative Residence Card
  • Apply for an EEA Family Permit
  • Prove the Right to Abode in the UK
  • Prove the Right to live in the UK as an EU Citizen
  • Claim UK Ancestry Visa
  • Work in the UK as a Croatian National

Which EU, EEA or Commonwealth Permit or Visa Should I Apply For?

The UK Residence Card is available to EEA nationals who want to live in the UK under European Community law and have employment in the UK. This card lasts for five years or less, but is also meant for those staying over three months. It is a condition of the permit that the applicant also has at least £2,800 in savings.

The Derivative Residence Card is proof that the holder has the right to live in the UK and is either the carer for someone that legally lives in the UK, is that carer’s child or is the child of a former EEA worker and is currently in education.

An EEA Family Permit can be obtained by a couple from outside the EEA if they have a family member who is an EEA national. The permit makes the process of entering the UK easier.

The Right to Abode means that a person can live in the UK without a visa and for an unlimited length of time. British, and some Commonwealth citizens, have the right to abode and can prove this by owning a UK passport.

The Right to live in the UK as an EU Citizen can be obtained by a registration certificate that is granted to someone who is a relative, even a distant relative, of an EEA national. It can help you through the process of being able to legally work or claim benefits in the UK.

The application for a UK Ancestry Visa can be made by those who are going to be working in the UK, have at least one grandparent who was born in the UK, is a Commonwealth citizen and makes their application from outside of the UK. The visa lasts for five years.

Croatia entered into the EU to become its 28th member state in July 2013, providing opportunities for its citizens to Work in the UK as a Croatian National. There are three different types of registration certificate, coloured blue, purple or yellow, that need to be obtained to prove that you are working for an employer, working for yourself or studying in the UK.

How do I apply for a Visa?

Asons Solicitors can take your call on 01204 894 866, between the hours of 9am and 5pm, to advise you on applying for the correct type of visa to come and live in the UK if you are from an EU, EEA or Commonwealth nation.

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