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Entrepreneur Visa

What is an Entrepreneur Visa?

An Entrepreneur visa is a type of work visa for persons:

  • From outside the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Wishing to stay or come to the UK for the purposes of engaging in business activity which involves the running of one or more UK businesses
  • Who have access to at least £50,000 investment funds

How can I apply for an Entrepreneur Visa?

There are different methods to apply for an entrepreneur visa depending on whether you are applying from within or outside the UK.

If you are applying outside the UK, you will make an application for entry clearance into the UK as an entrepreneur who proposes to engage in business activity.

If you are applying from within the UK, you will either be making an application to:

  • Extend your current entrepreneur visa or an application, or
  • Switch from your current visa to an entrepreneur visa. The criteria you must satisfy will depend on the visa you are proposing to switch from amongst other factors such as the source and amount of investment funds available to you

Am I eligible to apply for an Entrepreneur Visa?

The eligibility criteria for an entrepreneur visa is calculated on a points-based system. The awarding of points will be conditional on you providing supporting evidence where appropriate. You must score at least 95 points to be granted a visa in this category which is awarded as follows:

Requirement Points
Attributes (i.e. Investment funds) 75
English Language 10
Maintenance funds 10

The image below describes the pathway that an applicant for an entrepreneur visa takes. Our immigration department can help you through this process:

entrepreneur graphic.fw

Call the immigration department at Asons Solicitors on 01204 894 866 between 9am and 5pm for assistance with obtaining your entrepreneur visa.

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