Medical Negligence Claims

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At Asons, our Clinical and Medical Negligence Solicitors offer a FREE consultation to those who feel they’ve been mistreated by their doctors; whether you’ve been affected by a medical accident or mistreatment, we can help. You can call us on 01204 521 133 or you can tell us what happened, so our expert team can call you back and give you legal advice at no cost to you.

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical Negligence occurs where a healthcare professional acts against the best interests of your health – or does not act at all. Where this action or inaction, has a harmful effect on your health, endangering your well-being, you may have been the victim of medical neglect. To be sure, you’ll need to speak to a Medical Negligence Solicitor to find out whether or not the right action was taken.

When you’re ill or injured, you expect to get the best care, from medical experts.

So what happens if those experts let you down?

NHS Hospital Trust

If you have been mistreated, or turned away from your GP, Doctor or Hospital – we can get you the answers you deserve, so that you can prevent others from suffering from the same ill-treatment.

Where your treatment resulted in injury, or affected your health – we can also pursue a claim for medical compensation to help you with the costs of treatment and recovery, so you can get your life back on track.

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Medical Compensation Claim Types:

Birthing & Obstetrics Claims

Child birth is often a special time worth celebrating. Unfortunately for 16,000 women each year, they find their babies injured as a result of medical intervention, roughly 2% of all UK births.
If either you, or your baby was injured before, during, or just after delivery – you may be entitled to medical compensation.

Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

Cancer affects 1 in 3 people, making it one of the NHS’ biggest medical concerns. Unfortunately, with such demand – many people are receiving cancer treatment late, whilst others are seeing their GPs being told ‘you’re fine’, only to be told months later that they require emergency cancer surgery; potentially losing years of their life. If this sounds like you, isn’t it time you got an apology from the NHS? Find out more about Cancer Compensation.

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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

In 2013 50,122 cosmetic surgery procedures took place in the UK, an increase of 17% on the previous year. With cosmetic surgery proving more popular than ever, more practitioners are offering plastic surgery, sometimes without the necessary expertise. We’re now seeing a rise in the number of people who have gone under the knife, only to be horrified by the results. If you’ve undergone plastic surgery, and you’re unhappy with the outcome, we may be able to help you claim plastic surgery compensation.

Dental Negligence

Finding a good dentist is tough. Now, it seems that a good dentist can do more than save your smile, they could save you thousands in unnecessary treatment and pain. As more people sign up for smile makeovers and expensive, complex dental treatments; more people are later finding that the treatment they received was poor, or that they need to spend tens of thousands to have the procedure performed several times throughout their life. If your dentist did not explain the risks or commitment required, and you’re unhappy with the result, we can help you claim dental compensation for future treatment.

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Gynaecology Claims

No one enjoys visiting the gynaecologist. For some however, these unpleasant visits can sometimes become a nightmare. Gynaecological procedures are designed to monitor, maintain and where possible, improve female reproductive health. If your visit to the gynaecologist left you with an injury, or a misdiagnosis of a more serious condition, you could be entitled to to make a medical claim for gynaecological compensation.

Misdiagnosis Claims

Medical misdiagnosis is a common problem. Many of us have been to the doctor with a problem, only to be told we’re okay, or to be told it’s minor – when in fact it’s something more serious. The problem is, the delay in diagnosis can allow the real problem to get worse – sometimes permanently affecting our health. If you’ve been to your GP with constant complaints, only to get a proper diagnosis months later, then you may have been a victim of misdiagnosis. Where this happens, Asons can help you claim compensation for misdiagnosis.

Negligence Claims

Clinical negligence, or ‘Medical Negligence’ is the term used when a healthcare professional acts, or does not act, in the best interests of your health. If you require urgent treatment, but you’re left for hours without being seen, where your health gets worse – this is medical negligence. If you require constant medical care, and you’re not seen within the specified time-frames – allowing your condition to get worse, this is also medical negligence. There are many types of clinical neglect, explore this category for more information on Clinical Negligence Claims.

Medical professionals performing surgery

Surgical Claims

Surgery is fraught with risks, many of which can be avoided if it’s organised and carried out properly. Some people have the wrong ‘bits’ removed in patient ‘mix-ups’, some surgeons make mistakes during the procedure which can cause serious damage. Some unlucky victims find surgical tools left inside them after surgery, sometimes months later. If you’ve recently suffered after surgery, speak to us about making a Claim for Surgical compensation.

Our Negligence Solicitors Claims Experience

At Asons we have award winning medical negligence solicitors; who are so talented and experienced, 95% of our clients would recommend us to friends and family. We currently have over 200 medical cases covering all aspects of medical negligence, from medical accidents resulting in death, to the misdiagnosis of broken bones as sprains.

How Much Will I Get When Suing for Medical Negligence?

Everyon’e’s claim is entirely different, so it is difficult to advise accurately. However, our Medical Negligence Compensation Calculator  may provide a rough estimate of what you may receive. These estimates are based on your injuries and also other factors, such as psychological problems and missed time at work.

How Do I Make a Claim for Medical Negligence Compensation?

First, all you need to do is call us for a free consultation. We’re here to help. We can advise you on how likely you are to succeed, and if you like what we have to say, we can work for you on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis. You can leave your details here on our site and we’ll call you back – alternatively, you can call us or write a message to us using the ‘Live Chat’ feature on this site. A consultation with us is completely free of charge, without obligation.

What’s the next step?

Our clinical negligence solicitors manage the case, from the initial conversation with yourselves to the final settlement being forwarded to you. We deal with the NHS hospital, the doctor or the health trust that is involved and then build a solid claim for you. For free, professional advice on pursuing a medical negligence claim, contact us now and take the first step to getting the answers, and the medical compensation that you deserve.